Morgan Freeman Companion



You can find him at the Big Horn Saloon in Boulder City. INSTALLATION: Just extract the contents of the "Data" folder to the Data folder in your fallout new vegas main directory (where the game is installed). I HAVE NOT NOR DO I EVER INTEND TO MAKE A DIME AT MR. FREEMAN'S EXPENSE! THIS IS A LIKENESS NOT A REPRESENTATION OF A HUMAN/SENTIENT BEING... ANY RESEMBLANCE TO ANY PERSONS LIVING OR DEAD IS PURE COINCIDENCE AND WAS NOT TAKEN FROM REALITY: JUST LIKE ON NBC's Law and Order I SIMPLY MADE THIS AS A FAN TRIBUTE. THE QUOTES ARE FROM PERFECTLY LEGAL SITES.Nexus Forum users I need to thank. Many thanks to Mr. Volek and Mr. Kaya 47 for use of their mod and file system. Without them I would have no body or base for this mod. Clintster for his Eulogy Suit and Gambler Hat. You made my day. Desert Eagle direct from "the armory". Happy Geckos rule. NO PERMISSION IS GIVEN TO POST THIS MOD AND ITS ASSETS ON OTHER SITES AND/OR USE ITS ASSETS IN OTHER WORKS/MODS WITHOUT THE EXPLICIT CONSENT OF BOTH MYSELF AND THE AUTHORS OF THE FILES CONTAINED THEREIN.


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