Mr Fairfaxs Old Strip and Freeside Strip Overhaul

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This mod is a very decent overhaul of both Freeside and The Strip. It removes a lot of the junk and clutter, adds more NPC's, and also adds more businesses, map markers and other items. In addition the area has been given a visual overhaul with more foliage, signs and lighting making it feel much more like Vegas. 



Ever think Freeside was too run down and needed cleaning up?
Ever think that Freeside needed more NPCs and businesses?
Ever think the Strip was too small and empty?

Well my dear Courier, this mod is for you!
Read on!

I was disappointed with the look and feel of The Strip, i was expecting a long, busy tourist attraction with lots to see and do. However it turned out that The Strip was tiny with not a lot to do at all, and worst of all it was split up to make it feel even smaller!

The inspiration behind this mod came funnily enough from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It was based on Las Vegas however so the real life city has something to do with it i suppose. I liked the idea of how the Old Strip used to be the buzz of the city but as time passed it was thrown away and a much larger version took its place. However in this case the roles are reversed, it is now the Old Strip which is bigger and newer then its older counterpart, The Strip is now the past and The Old Strip has the buzz, the tourists and more importantly, no credit checks! ;)

Mr. Fairfax has come to Freeside as a business competitor to Mr. House, along with his caps and his robot companions.
He has re-branded inner Freeside 'The Old Strip' and has lined it with palm trees, flashy neon signs & businesses. The Kings now swarm the area, part of a deal with Mr. Fairfax and the new red light district is busy night & day. The strip itself has even been cleaned up despite House's objections and is more popular and larger then ever.

- Removes clutter; burning barrels in Freeside, overturned truck on The Strip, litter, etc. 

- Adds Map markers for The Strip, Old Strip & Freeside.

- Adds more NPCs to buildings and on both Strips.

- Removes Freeside thug spawns. (some are needed)

The Old Strip (King's)
- Moves around buildings, new seating area, adds Freeside sign.

- Adds Strip road, places palms down road divider.

- New street added behind the Silver Rush.

- Moves Mick & Ralphs from Freeside onto the Old Strip, removed from its original position.

- Adds Chem, Bug selling & M&R crier NPCs onto The Old Strip.

- Adds an extra entrance near the existing one.

- Adds hanging lights, billboards, trees and general decor.

- Bigger King's presence

- Gloria Van Graff has hair & The King now has a goatee beard.

- Removed Chem, Bug selling & M&R crier NPCs onto the Old strip.

- Removed level crossing signs over rails for easier passage.

- Places cars in middle of the road instead.

- Freeside sign removed from highway.

The Strip
- Fixes the strip road, no more cracks.

- Adds new Casino the 'Rollin' Dice'

- Moves around some NPCs & Securitons.

- Moves around the Vault 21.

- Adds sunbeds to last bit of The Strip.

-Uninstall any older versions of this mod. (See uninstall)
-Make a SAVE away from Freeside & the strip. (e.g saloon at Goodsprings.)

1.Download the latest file and extract to (Installfolder\Fallout New Vegas\Data\
2.Start the NV Launcher, click 'Data Files', tick the file named 'freeside oldstrip.esp.'
3. Play the game. (I would suggest traveling across The Strip go inside the Embassy building and wait, so all NPCs spawn in all areas.)

1. Start the NV Launcher, untick the file named 'freeside oldstrip.esp.'
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.
3. Enjoy the boring old Freeside.

Version 1.1 
(Decided to release but with bugs.)
- Still no interiors.
- Major improvements to already existing content; bug fixes, item replacement etc.
- Added a new casino exterior on the Strip.
- Gloria Van Graff & The King have new hairstyles.
- King's SOI & Atomic Wrangler have more NPCs/furniture.
- Map markers for all buildings on both strips.
- New diner with new unique NPC. (no dialogue yet)
- Mick&Ralphs moved onto the Old Strip, shoppers added.
- Road on the Strip is all in one piece.
- Dancers added to Redlight district.
- Hanging lights & new neon's added to the Old Strip.
- Fairfax offices, bank & player apartment buildings added.
- Much more unnoticeable things.

Known Issues or Bugs
- I wouldn't start any quests within Freeside, such the King's and Van Graff, however feel free to save beforehand and give me feedback if the quests are working for you. (Spawning errors etc.)
- No NPCs/ NPCs standing around doing nothing- try leaving the area and waiting, before entering area again.
- The Freeside sign on the highway tends to appear from a distance this is not intended and i cant seem to fix it.
- Vault21 sign floating- unable to fix at the moment.
- Multiples of the same NPC in the Atomic Wrangler- Unable to fix at the moment.
- The guy who gets killed by the Securitron at the gate, tends to want to go way right and get stuck, by waiting he will respawn and die as usual.

I would suggest making a separate save away from your main game incase my mod conflict with your game. Please refer to the comments tab for any mods which conflict or are incompatible alongside this mod. 

- Any mods adding Map markers should be uninstalled, if not your going to end up with multiple markers for the same location.
- Any mods effecting NPCs, such as the Populated casinos mod. Or any mod adding or removing NPCs from the areas the mod is active.
- Any mods altering interiors or adding interiors, since many buildings have moved/removed.
- Any mods editing the Strip will probably not work; new buildings and paths have been made.
- Mick & Raplh's has been moved so anything effecting the doorway may have problems.

Your free to add to this mod because i have seized work on it, please credit me ('GoodfellowGoodspring')

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