New Vegas Beautification Project

Fallout NV Beautification Project ENB 322-65315-3-22.zip


This is an ENB modification for Fallout: New Vegas, it will require some other mods and resources to make it work, the full guide of which can be found here. The result is very vibrant colours and high contrast, with bright blue skys, and very vivid environments. It certainly does look good, although it may not be everyone's cup of tea, checkout the screenshots below before downloading.



The Fallout New Vegas Beautification Project (FNBP) has it's own unique graphical settings, and has step-by-step installation instructions with options for different systems. You don't need any experience to follow the guide, only some patience and preferably a good internet connection.
Bethesda used the same game engine for Fallout: New Vegas, as they did for Fallout 3. Not the "friendliest" game engine to new computer systems, but fortunately this can be changed. With this guide, Fallout: New Vegas will become more immersive, have better graphics, and run perfectly well on newer systems. The huge amount of fan-made mods & enhancements has made it possible to get pretty decent graphics and visual effects. However, it's a very time consuming process to figure out which mods to use. Which mods work together, which mods are lore-friendly, and which mods are 100% stable. It takes a lot of research, downloading and testing. This guide can save you months of work, and narrow it down to a few hours instead. It's made as a step-by-step instruction for installation and setup. No experience needed. The focus is on enhancing the graphics, improving stability and providing the most beautiful and FPS friendly ENB render. Besides the graphic render, FNBP also focus on expanding the game with new lore-friendly content and characters, while staying true to the original lore and style. Everything is in line with the Fallout universe, just with enhanced visuals and atmosphere. Fallout is a post apocalyptic adventure, and therefore not as vibrant as eg. the Elder Scrolls games, but better effects and more atmospheric lighting doesn't make Fallout: New Vegas any less fun to play.
The Fallout NV Beautification Project will make Fallout: New Vegas look much better than the original game, and improve stability at the same time. Even on older systems. See screenshots below.

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