New Vegas game world enhancements

1716214822-New Vegas minor game world enhancements.rar


The work-in-progress mod aims to make New Vegas feel more real and alive. This is the creator's first mod, and they are still learning how many aspects of the process work, but they are putting in their best effort. They have added a lot of content to the Strip and made reworks to Freeside.

Created by crazythedude
Signs created by Bobio567



What this mode does is that it is 100% lore friendly  
1-  Expanded the strip but in a lore friendly way no new casinos we have 3 families so I used the extra space unused by the devs to add a park with a fountain (unused model that was in the game files)  and a hotel that is operated but the Tops and a bit of shopping centre or place where you can by stuff operated by the ultra-luxe (interiors coming soon) yah and a small clinic 

2- Did a lot of stuff in free side first I changed the location of the Atomic wangler where it should be on the road add more details to buildings all around added some details of roofs and stuff and I add some tents next to squatter places and some guard towers on the strip gate add a new bar (interior not finished yet) on the main road 
3- added some stuff to make the Camp Mccarine more realistic (there is only one guard on the gate in the game WTF) so I add some stuff still not done yet tho 

4- more stuff is coming now working on some reworks to the hover dam and the interiors of the hotel and market thing  
hope you like it 
and yah
go now !! 
https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/62054/ he made the signs
I don't know why but it needs FPGE I must have used it somewhere and I don't know how to remove Master parents can anyone help?

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