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Maps Valley Wars 3 The Final Sequel Version

Welcome to the valley ( I made valley wars 1 for Far Cry 2 then I moved on to Far Cry 3 then I made Valley Wars 2 then my good friend (Doom


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Mods Far Cry - Singularity

But amid the genocide and desolation, a revolution is coming, would you be part of it? or do you have no choice? What is the Nexus, really?


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Mods Far Cry Mod - Past Attacks: Episode One v2.0

The day is finally here. Past Attacks: Episode One 2.0 is finally here.


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Mods Far Cry Mod - Iron Sights v1.0

There is a new option to remove the crosshair.


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Maps Far Cry Legacy: Episode 5 "The Beach"

10 episode 5 called "The Beach" which is an island of about 4 km of coastline full of dangers and challenges to be overcome. In the coming...


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Mods Working Vending Machines

machines will spawn cans which have all had textures replaced with real world ones. Some machines will spawn grenades or other goodies!Also...


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Maps Tortuga

The Pirates of the Caribbean inspired me to make this map. It's a medium sized map with a small village and a forrest and some small islands...


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Maps Port Royal

The Pirates of the Caribbean inspired me to make this map. It's a medium sized map with a harbour village and a large forrest and a fort.


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Maps Lake Mine

This is a real Lake Mine near in Gyula (Hungary). Multiplayer map for Free For All (FFA) gameplay. It's a large map.


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Maps End Time

his past. Man has unearthed many ancientruins and descovered scores of forgotten civiliations. Many coincide with the storys and fokelore pa...


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Maps Prima Noctis

Prima Noctis a Halloween und little Horror Map.More Horror , more Fun.Flying Skeletons, Monsters, Cemetery, Horrorsounds, Fear.Enjoy it !!!


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Maps mp_caribicdream

and around of them there are lot of small islands. There is a lot enough to explore.


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Maps mp_px_steam_generator

must protect the 3 flagsThe first flag is set in a village, the second in a roadblock and the 3rd in the steam generator.This is my first ma...


Maps Wild-Wild-Western

Wild-Wild-Western Wild-Wild-WesternFFA Turnement MAP 2011.Visit us :http://www.ksk-squad.comby DackulaGreetings all == Member an the Fy...


Skins Nomad's AG36 and ACU Humvee

This pack have two .pak archives which replace your current texture of neither or both AG36 Assault Rifle and the Humvee depending on the in...


Maps ai2

one island and the island where you summer is flooded with Trigen. Your task is complicated because the Trigen killing all those who move an...



located on the side of the ag36 from texarkana bikers blog


Skins ~EPIC DE~

a de i made cause i though the old one sucked and its the only pistol in the game so i made it as epic as possible


Maps mp_aircraft_carrier

the famous singleplayer mission thattakes place on an old aircraft carrier. It is basically the same, except that it was adapted for multipl...



astroid near Luna that was being prepared for possible colonizationif Earth would happen to be unhabitable some day. The head of this projec...