Far Cry

A tropical paradise seethes with hidden evil in Far Cry, a cunningly detailed action shooter that pushes the boundaries of combat to shocking new levels. Freelance mariner Jack Carver is cursing the d...

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Half Robots spider222 439MB 220
rll_Barbarian Robin 13.16MB 355
Normandy julio 2.88MB 487
Assault Coop Gameplay Video FlameKnight7 285.68MB 48
Splash Harbor Murph 136.53MB 1916
sp_Arena "WHITE OUT" Bug Patch Murph 8.27MB 175
rll_Lucifer Island Robin 7.11MB 583
Sniper Alexander Motyliov 4.78MB 164
Arkebuto Guest 9.43MB 41
Abomination n88tr 8.36MB 55
Camouflage SniperRifle Woolybear 292KB 178
Camouflage M4 Woolybear 399KB 132
LULZ RANDOMNESS l337mast3rch13f 7.53MB 233
SOLDIER Robert-33 9.62MB 200
Far Cry - Far Cry 2 Mod Seedr0 54.34MB 4462
Tropical DeutscheElite (AoD_FREAK) 12.25MB 94
nedFARCRY [2v2 ASSAULT] Server Pack nedd3h 1.2MB 118
Big Vehicle DeutscheElite (AoD_FREAK) 16.77MB 230
Soldier FV1.0 [Commander Eswat] 26.66MB 926
Secret Elements of Mercry Robin 7.86MB 836
Waterfall DeutscheElite (AoD_FREAK) 12.09MB 182
Dead Jungle DeutscheElite (AoD_FREAK) 19.55MB 182
Affenmesserkamps DeutscheElite (AoD_FREAK) 7.84MB 118
Victory DeutscheElite (AoD_FREAK) 5.23MB 157
Unofficial 1.42 Patch Garcy 4.21MB 995
Wolkenstadt DeutscheElite (AoD_FREAK) 33.42MB 111
mp_BuggyDuel Joed Blair 1.99MB 168
rll_Code-A- Robin 4.16MB 715
mp_spy quetza 5.4MB 90
SturmMOD projektariel 9.94MB 422
Impossible Jungle quetza 8.72MB 180
Desktop Cool FarCry Photos quetza 51.04MB 158
Shark Attack quetza 100.93MB 234
mp_Prison quetza 3.71MB 133
mp_Labyrinth 2 quetza 5.03MB 165
mp_PlaneIsland quetza 4.85MB 251
Cryptic Episode 1 Robert-33 32.19MB 861
dm_Hamlet gmodperson 50.05MB 114
CryStalker UWI 39.54MB 220
ca Demenage Mc fly 8.45MB 276
Roomette MaVmAn 60.54MB 431
Pland Motu Patrik 12.18MB 117
dm_Hamlet gmodperson 48.12MB 255
dm_Hamlet gmodperson 44.84MB 42
SOLDIER Robert-33 4.41MB 529
rll_Jackal Robin 15.19MB 1255
dm_Hamlet gmodperson 44.79MB 35
Malice in Wonderland Joed Blair 4.65MB 215
SOLDIER Robert-33 1.72MB 436
mp_Knife Fight SlimFast 326KB 193