FarCry 2: Redux Overhaul Mod is Available Now!

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Far Cry 2 was an excellent entry in the series when it was released bac in October 2008, but that isn't to say it was perfect. It's always had one or two niggling bugs, issues, or gameplay oddities that just made it every slightly annoying at times.

Fast forward to today, though, as modder BigTinz has released FarCry 2  Redux, a definitive version of the game with many of those issues fixed, as well as other gameplay enhancements to make the experience much nicer.

No more bouncing NPCs, no more issues with the Jackal or Predecessor Tapes, and no more blinking items are just some of the bug fixes that are included. In addition to just plain up bug fixing though, there's some pretty nice gameplay tweaks, including new FOVs for certain weapons, improvements to AI, animations, and NPCs now even clash from time to time from infighting.

There's also some changes to gameplay mechanics such as jumping, falling, and sprinting, which can now be toggled, making the entire game feel much more polished.

So if you fancy playing through the definitive FarCry 2 experience, you can download the mod now from our sister site ModDB.

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