3 Islands (Day and Night)

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Give up your bandwidth, and prepare to be 'wow'ed by a first time FarCry2Files content submitter! don818 has supplied his very first map created for this great game, and you'll be happy to know that it supports all game modes, so the fun never ends!

3 Islands is a simple map with three islands in a desert setting; It's got a barge and some explosive stuff. Each island contains several structures that can be used for both cover, as well as a place to stage an offensive. There are also vehicle about, for those of you that don't want to risk burning off calories or wearing out your sandles, if you're the type that don't like to get wet...or maybe you can't swim, whatever the reason, don't fret, as there are boats available as well.

To add a bit a fun, don818 has also included the TOD for this map, so you will have just as much fun at night that you' will have during the day...The sniper in you will love this map!

Refer to the readme for more information.



It's a simple map, It supports all Gametypes and took 3 hours to make. It was my first map too! (DAMN THE EDITOR!! I would have made a nuke if I could :D)
To install drop the map (Day or Night) into:
put the .fc2map file into this folder.
C:Documents and settings<USERNAME>My DocumentsMy GamesFar Cry 2user maps 
C:Users<USERNAME>DocumentsMy GamesFar Cry 2user maps

Contact info:
Steam: Ghost (Best way to get me)
MSN: [email protected] (I&apos;m online 24/7)

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