Alliance Colonial Fighter "Raptor"

respected as incredibly manouverable and fast fighter, thanks to it's propusion drives. Many weapon systems could be mounted, such as minigu...


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respected as incredibly manouverable and fast fighter, thanks to it's propusion drives. Many weapon systems could be mounted, such as miniguns, several machine guns but also cannons up to 100mm for battles against frigates or destroyers.Under it's wings is a rocket laucher system that accepts many types of armaments. The standard issue weapons system were two forward mounted Gatling 20mm cannons, and 16 high explosive80mm unguided rockets (8 under each wing).This fighter also has the "Eagle-Eye" system, which gives the Raptor the ability to also safely scout ahead.Today it is still used by several smaller military and also mercenary groups as reliable fighter and scout.The Alliance Navy has already replaced this fighter with newer models of the "Raptor", but also with the new ACF-5 "Viper".But the current crisis with the Stroj fleet gives the ACF-17 another chance to prove itself...[/quote]This is the first release of a space fighter for FarCry 2. Partially based on a few sci-fi series, this representsan older generation of a colonial fighter. It has been replaced, but due to the enemy taking resources it isnot possible to built enough new vessels, so the old models are being reused.The screenshots below are not actual in-game footage, but if you want to see the latter, take a look intothe folder "Screenshots" included in the archive. It also includes a picture showing important parts of this fighter.Please note that this is not an actual vehicle. It's just a bunch of parts thrown together to look like a fighter.You will neither be able to fly this fighter nor use it's weapon systems.This is a promotional release. It is currently unknown whether there will be more releases of this addon.This addon is planned to be part of a playable map later.Other projects may follow.Additional Info:

  • ACF-17b "Raptor"
  • Part of the Alliance Navy ("Alliance Colonial Fighter")
  • Two propulsion drives for ~Mach 3, no FTL
  • "Eagle-Eye" deep space scout system
  • Two forward mounted gatling 20mm cannons
  • Two sets of 80mm HE unguided rockets (8 per wing, 16 in total)
  • Wingspan: 12,75m
  • Available weapons (Guns): 20mm gatling cannons, .50 machine guns, 7.62x51mm miniguns
  • Available weapons (Rockets): heatseeking, unguided; 30mm-80mm
  • Available armaments (Guns): HE, AP, tracer
  • Available armaments (Rockets): HE, AP, HEAT, EMP
  • Map
  • No supported Multiplayer Map; no gametypes/spawnpoints etc.
  • 4 different areas
  • Jungle planet, mountains: two fighter flying past a crashed transport ship
  • Desert planet, plains: two raptors passing a merc facility
  • Rocky planet, mountains: two raptors flying over ruins of a native village, big city in background
  • Last area includes two base models of a raptor, one model of a crashed ship and one small facility
  • Big area, but made for screenshooting purposes only

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