Making the leap from Far Cry to Far Cry 2, both in gaming and in mapping, our next developer: Joed Blair makes is debut with his initial FC2 creation...prepare to get your game on!

Badlands brings you everything you would imagine the 'badlands' would be like, (unless of course, you are a Trek fan) this is a challenging and unforgiving mixture of open Savannah with some rivers winding through it; As this map supports multiple game types, the developer has taken the time to place certain objects, such as structures, into strategic locations so that they would become an important objective depending on mode was being played.

If you think you have what it takes to help your teammates make it to the winner's circle, then you should start your download now and begin your gaming experience by venturing to the Badlands!

Refer to the readme for more information.



badlands* - Farcry 2 map ( DM TDM CTD & Uprising )

Unzip file to your mydocuments/mygames/Farcry2/user maps folder 
( vista users may need to create the folder "user maps" if its your first time adding maps )

*No permission of any kind is applicable to this map

*Map can be used for purposes other than game-play as long as credit is given to the author;

Joed Blair


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