Cross Fire



If you enjoyed his previous releases, then you're sure to have fun with this one! gmodperson has returned, and he does not come empty handed! For your Far Cry 2 fun, he has brought along his newly developed, albeit, small map for you to test your uber survival skilz in.

Cross Fire (v1) is a six to eight player map that will quench your DeathMatch thirst, and although some of you Call of Duty gamers may think this is a little like a CoD4 map, according to the developer, it is actually based on one from MoHAA. The structures found within will provide you with a bit of breathing space during those intense periods, and I find that the bridge is a nice touch, but the wide open space will separate the n00bs from the players that got game.

Keeping true to form, gmodperson has also supplied a video, so you can check out the Far Cry 2 goodness while you are downloading Cross Fire (v1)!

If you think you're up to the challenge, then all you need to do is start the download...

Refer to the readme for more information.



All data is from FC2, so no need to download any.


Extract the .zip file in to /My Documents/My games/Far Cry 2/User Maps (Windows XP) / <user>/Documents/My games/Far Cry 2/User Maps (Windows Vista)

Far Cry 2 map made by me. You can mod this map or use it as your template without asking my permission.

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