Diamond Hunters



If you enjoyed his earlier submissions, then you're sure to enjoy this one...Majorsoft is back to gear you up with his newest creation! This map is just as it sounds...the hunt for the illusive, and much sought after Diamonds is all that matters! To get them, you may need to get a little aggressive and bump a few people off...well, nevermind 'may'...if you want these little gems, you are definitely going to have to rub out the competition...if you can!

Diamond Hunters (v.1.1) is a medium sized map with the potential for some large action, which will accomodate Team Deathmatch and Capture the Diamond game modes! The action in this map can get intense when you have as little ten players, however, the action will be non-stop with the maximum recommended number of people, which is 16. If you have what it takes to walk away with the diamond, then step up and start your download!

Refer to the readme for the developer's notes.



First multiple gametypes - TDM + Capture the diamond. Map is medium size and the best point of players is 10 - 16. "Where is my great diamo.nd" ??? Tell me please and dont shoot me. Enjoy maine new map with a your pleasure.

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