Far Cry 2 'Introduction' Trailer

farcry2_introduction_trailer.wmv —



Some of the best damn footage of FarCry2 I've seen to date! This video some some sweet aspects of the environment along with some of the team members talking about what is sure to be the best selling game to hit the shelves...dare I say, even better then Crysis and CoD4! Large claims I know, but this footage is awesome, and if the objective of releasing this media is to renew anticipation, and get the saliva rolling out the corner of one's mouth, then, in my opinion, it has succeeded!!

The video is available for downloading, however, for ease of viewing, I have also included the embedded version. Enjoy!

Far Cry 2 `Introduction` Trailer

Can't wait for more information on this, stay tuned...it will be mirrored as it's released!



Download and enjoy, or click play

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