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We are pleased to be joined by a first time FarCry2Files content submitter today! Gracing us with his presence, and his release, is...


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We are pleased to be joined by a first time FarCry2Files content submitter today! Gracing us with his presence, and his release, is none other then tuleby of the {FCCZ} Clan fame.

FC Legendary MapPack is a mixed bag of gaming enjoyment designed to enhance your Far Cry 2 gaming fun! There is a bit of everything for everybody, all contained in this one itty-bitty download, whether it be 'Team Deathmatch', 'Capture the Diamond', etc. A fair bit of effort and time, not to mention skill went into the creation of these maps, and is worth the price of the free download! :p

Here is what is contained in the pack: Monkeybay

  • DM, TDM, CTD and VIP
  • DM and TDM)
Radio v2
  • Fixed bugs and objects
  • Added CTD and VIP)
  • Only DM
Surf v2
  • Added TDM

The Radio map Is a detailed remake of the classic Far Cry map, and it is also one of the favorites of tuleby, as well as many others...judging by the amount of versions of it that have surfaced over the years. The same goes for Surf, although not specified as one of this developer's faves, it is a great map from the original Far Cry and deserves to be played to it's potential in the game's 'sequel'. Rounding out this pack is Monkeybay; This map is also a remake of the original release, and the developer has stated that he has painstakingly tried to keep the detail from the FC version...and most of it was.

If you're looking to relive the enjoyment of the first game, but in the atmosphere of Far Cry 2, then your look is over...Download the FC Legendary MapPack now and start the fun!

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'mappack_fc_legendary_maps.zip' (6.62MB)

All maps created Tuleby from {FCCZ} Clan.

Collection contains 5 maps.

1. Monkeybay (DM, TDM, CTD and VIP)
2. Radio (DM and TDM)
3. Radio v.2 (Fixed bugs and objects, added CTD and VIP)
4. Surf (only DM)
5. Surf v.2 (added TDM)

Create this map took me 125 hours and I tried to keep every single detail from original map. Even if you cant find on this map surrounding hills and islands (well known as "snipers paradise"), then still, I dare to say, that remaining 95% of map is same like original. You can find there special places and parts where you need some climbing skill. Also respawn places are same, subjects placement, trees and bushes as well (+/-). As addition you can find on the map gliders, one buggy and mounted weapon in the watch tower near to ruins.

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