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Bringing his Counter Strike experience over to the Far Cry 2 end of the gaming scale, we welcome back RinDorBroT as he provides us with his latest and greatest map!

fy_simpsons, as already mentioned, is based on the Counter Strike map that shares the name...the action is the still present along with the intensity that can be found in any quality map! As with his ealier release, get ready for some fun and adventure as you attempt to be the top dog in this action-packed bundle of Far Cry 2 goodness! No matter if you're also a Counter Strike fan, and you are familliar with this map, or if this is the first time you have ever heard of it, the gaming experience is the same, potentially intense! fy_simpsons will have you coming back for more and more shoot 'em up action, the good news is that you only need to download it once!

You and up to five other gamers will be in for some serious hoopla as you fight the good fight in a multiple gamemode map...Enjoy

Refer to the readme for the developer's notes



this map is made after fy_simpsons for counter-strike.  just like fy_sandworld this map is inspired by a counter-strike map.
this time it is fy_simpsons as the title says.  again i made this map because of the rariety of small multiplayer maps which make fun with 2-6 players.

feel free to edit, but please give me credit.

by RinDorBroT

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