Two things can be said about this map that are 'for sure'...one is that the name of this map is rather unique, the other is that the potential action that can be had is intense! DobiKuba is here to make available his newest map to fill that Multiple gamemode void!

Honomulunukululu (betcha can't say it five times fast :D ) is a fairly small map and it is all about the battles between two factions fighthing each other on a tiny island. The easy way to know where these two factions call home is by the architecture of their huts...one group lives in the shacks with flat roofs, and the the others live in the shacks with the pointy roofs.

This isn't a totally have not kind of island, as a barge ran aground on the beach near them so they have a lot of scavenged items and supplies to keep them going. There is one rope bridge that will allow you to go from one half of the map to the other...so be careful not to get ambushed, your avenues for escape will be severely limited.

Refer to the readme for the developer's notes.



please do not make changes in this map without my say so.And i'll say it: MASS CAMPING S***S

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