Hydragod Besieged

I'm beginning to think that this next developer is part robot...he just seems to be a Far Cry 2 mapping maniac! If this is th...


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I'm beginning to think that this next developer is part robot...he just seems to be a Far Cry 2 mapping maniac! If this is the case, I hope that Hydrag0d has a good supply of spare parts...over-use is a big cause of wearing out limbs; We all know that his imagination is not showing any signs of deterioration! :)

Hydragod Besieged takes you back into the action, showing little mercy for mistakes or wrong choices; The UFLL (United Front Liberation Labour) was sent out to an small village to help their troops out, but suddenly the chopper of UFLL was pinned down and crashed near the hotel in the middle of a village. It was the APR (Alliance Popular Resistance) who had taken down the chopper.

Now you are surrounded by the APR rebels hidden far away, and the first order of business is to take shelter in the buildings. The APR have three small outposts, in the North, East and the South. On the west side there is a small outpost belonging to the UFLL that have sent a small group to check the low grounds. Be smart and think about what you are going to do, every step you take can make a big difference! Hydrag0d has stated that this Team Deathmatch map is inspired by the movie Black Hawk Down.

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Hydrag0d presents: Hydragod Besieged
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created by the Hydrag0d

enjoy it!

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