Hydragod ft. Krakon Playground

It's time to bring you something completely out of the norm for what you would expect in a submitted Far Cry 2 map...and this comes t...


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It's time to bring you something completely out of the norm for what you would expect in a submitted Far Cry 2 map...and this comes to you through the grace of Hydrag0d

Hydragod ft. Krakon Playground is all about taking your frustrations out on your opponent...but without the gunplay; In this setting, you will find yourself in aTeam Deathmatch setting with only one objective...win! Your biggest ally will not be ammo here, it will be gas...that's right, you will be waging this war with vehicles, with an underlying theme of soccer / football...the trick here will be to get goals by using the opponents barrel as a goal; It's time to forget about fighting wars and skirmishes...and get down to the nitty gritty of sports - Far Cry 2 style!

  • What is available to play?[/b]
    • Paint ball, try to shoot your enemy and hide yourself behind the septas or in the trees.
    • Fire works, because 2009 is just about here there is a place filled with explosives. Blow em up and the place will sparkle!
    • Carball, carball is almost the same as soccer / football but this time there are cars and one barrel as football. Start your engines and try to score the barrel in your opponents goal!

It's time to play a stress free game, Drivers Licenses are optional.

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'hydragod_ft._krakon_playground.zip' (8.24MB)

Hydrag0d presents: Hydragod ft. Krakon Playground
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created by the Hydrag0d

enjoy it!

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