Island Monastery



We have, for your gaming enjoyment, a brand new map from a brand new developer, at least to FarCry2Files! Greyhound144 brings us his latest creation for you to drool over! Because he liked the idea of a small island that would give Vast styles of Play In a limited area to keep it fun and intense and still have sniper control, so that it doesn't become a killing field, and still have the Sniper roles be effective, he spawned Island Monastery!

The story behind this map is that of once a peaceful Monastery for Christian Missionaries off the Coast of Africa. As Fighting escalated on the mainland and news spread of the fighting getting out of control, the missionaries left their quiet off shore home for there real homes. When the APR and UFLL heard about them leaving it was a race to take it as a fortified coastal position to Pirate incoming Convoys to the mainland.

With the UFLL being the first to land and take the Fort, they have the high ground, but the APR parties still persisted with there Landings and have set up a beach head in the Church. With one faction controlling the Port and the other one Controlling the Fort, let the time begin for who win the fight for this key island Monastery! (and to mention a safe haven for Diamonds and Gold!)

Which faction will you fight for? Will you be victorious and enjoy the spoils of war? Only time will tell!

Refer to the readme for more information.



As we all start to get to know the FC2 Editor we find how easy it is, YAY!

Umm you should know where to put this
/my documents/*your Selectec name*/far cry 2/user maps

Now i made this map best to my abilities, It is my first map and first realease, i think i have done alright, but ile let you guys be the Judge of that, 
anyways anough of my life story
Yes this is the First version, but if u can modify it to beter, or say you think the hanglider was a silly idea,
go for it! but as we know it always retain my name so no need to send me anything asking permission.

Ben Finlay

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