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For all of you MultiPlayer fanatics out there....we have a sweet map for your collection! KiloHotel has released his hot-off-the-developer's-table map for your gaming enjoyment; If you're like me, and you're grabbing up everything you can for this awesome game, then this map will definitely be a prime addition to your growing list of material!

Jungle Fever (v1.0) is a nice jungle map, (that's right, no more tropical islands) it has one main base for each team and a nice lake in the center of the map, not to mention the added touch of lots of nice fine details. It also appears to be compatible with every game mode, so the chances of getting board with this map is slim...just play it in one of the other modes. Fun is just a click away, whether it's for you and a good friend...or you and 18 good friends! Start your click now and enjoy!

Refer to the readme for more information.



[Jungle Fever]
Farcry 2 Map
2-18 players
All game modes

Description: This is a nice jungle map. It has 1 main base for each team, a nice lake in the center of the map, and lots of nice fine details. It should be compatible with every game mode. To install this map, put it in [My DocumentsMy GamesFarcry 2user maps] If the "user maps" directory is not there, make one your self, formated exactly the same as it is here. 

Permissions: You may modify this map, aslong as you give me full credit for the original map. This map may be used in any mods aswell, once again aslong as I am given credit.


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