Jungle Hotel

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With nary a breath after the release of his previous map, vfn4i83 is back to quench your thirst for Far Cry 2 action! It's time to stock up on ammo and set your sights in...

Jungle Hotel is all about the Hotel; This old structure stands in the midst of the Jungle, and has the notoriety of being a much sought after piece of realestate. Being in the 'hot zone,' everyone wants to call this place home, they will fight...and die for it! If ever control of a Jungle Oasis was in need of possessing, it is this one!

Among some of the notable sights here, there is a make-shift cemetery...if you think you can be successful in getting and holding the Hotel, then grab your weapon and get ready, if you're wrong, don't worry, there's a grave saved for you...

Refer to the readme for more information.



Just unzip the map and put it, at:
X:Documents and SettingsUSER_PROFILEMy documentsMy GamesFar Cry 2user maps
I don't Know.


Map created by vfn4i83

It supposed to be used at it is, don't modified and take as yours.

This file is free for any modification, that you might wanna do;Enjoy.

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