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Lava Giant

f0ulavagiant.zip —


Making a return to FarCry2Files, F0U666 is back, and he has not come empty handed...he is here to supply another of his quality maps for your gaming enjoyment!

If Lava Giant looks a little bit familliar to you, take heart, as you are not imagining things...this download is a re-make of the Unreal Tournament map of the same name. Of course this map is not a mirror image of the original, there is no lava in this one, instead, the developer put water in it's place. Lava Giant supports the Team Deathmatch & Capture The Diamond gamemodes. The developer has stated that he is "looking for the "Nostalgia" Award with this map". Be sure to wear comfy combat boots, as, just like the UT version, this map is huge...which is why F0U666 included vehicles for you.

Refer to the readme for more information.



================================Author Info===================================
Map Type		:Multiplayer, DM, TDM, Capture The Diamonds
Title			:Lava Giant (2.54 mb)
Date			:25/12/2008
Author			:Joël Dubé ([email protected])
Other Names		:F0U or F0U666
Files included		:F0U-LavaGiant.txt & F0U-LavaGiant.fc2map & 3 Screenshots.
Other levels I've made	:Dante, Castle, Magic Kingdom

** Description **

This is the Far Cry 2 version of Unreal Tournament's Lava Giant map. Of course there's no lava in this one, I put water instead. It supports Team Deathmatch & Capture The Diamonds. I'm looking for the "Nostalgia" Award with this map. I know it's huge but the original was big too, that's why I added some vehicules. Enjoy!

** Installation **

Place the file "F0U-LavaGiant.fc2map" in ".../My Documents/My Games/Far Cry 2/user maps/" and play!

** Build Information ** 

Base			:A big flat square.
Build time		:About 8 hours.
Editors used		:FC2 Editor
Known Bugs		:No

** Copyright / Permissions **

You can do what you want with this map, as long as the readme stays with the file. Feedbacks are welcome, feel free to e-mail me with your comments at "[email protected]"

F "zero" [email protected]

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