Lost Village



Increasing your Far Cry 2 gaming adventure this time around is Inf1n1ty! He is here to submit his multiple gamemode map that is best played with four or more gamers.

Lost Village (v1.00) will have you moving around in a semi-jungle-esque terrain as you and your teammates fight for supremacy. At tghe edge of the jungle, you will come across a small village...which could be a sanctuary for battle-weary travelers, or it could be a death-trap set for an unsuspecting band of fighters...which will it be for you and your group? This download can be enjoyed in more then one gamemode, so the fun can always be changed!

Throw some extra socks and be sure to carry some mosquito repellent, you'll soon be in a battle for your survival...the only question is, will you be fighting for yourself, or for the good of a team? get your copy of Lost Village (v1.00) and join in now! The developer did not supply any screenshots.

Refer to the readme for more information.



Just copy the file into your map folder (C:Users******DocumentsMy GamesFar Cry 2user maps (for Vista users (sorry but I i don't know the location for XP users))) and start al mutiplayer-game.

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