It's back to the sands of the desert for you with this next download. Majorsoft has come through and supplied his next Far Cry 2 map to add to your gaming enjoyment.

Sandiamond is all about bringing you some Capture the Diamond fun-ness! Hell hath no fury like a good desert map! The first thing you will notice about this map is that there are some sweet places for a sniper to nest...however, a sniper is only good for neutralizing threats, objectives are rarely completed by someone that stays stationary...

You will never get rich unless you're willing to go the distance, and this map will provide the distance; As you make your way through this canyon-like map, you will be at the mercy of the parchness of the desolate desert, as well as the smart thinking of your opponents, however, there are a number of old decaying vehicles that will provide you with the ability to stealthy, and provide some much needed cover as you try to conquer Sandiamond...aside from the wrecks, there are also some working vehicles that will aid you in your quest to capture the diamond!

Refer to the readme for the developer's notes.



Go to the hell in this sand map for a capture the diamond and figt for your next rich life !!!! Use the vehicles for "speedy" capturing !

A map by Majorsoft

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