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Bringing you another of his exciting and fun maps, chaser_12 is back to give your drool-catching capabilities a work out! This, his latest...


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Bringing you another of his exciting and fun maps, chaser_12 is back to give your drool-catching capabilities a work out! This, his latest and greatest of his releases will have you in awe at the level of detail and the intensity of the battles. A note about The Resort though, there is an issue with the destructible buildings where ramming them with your vehicle leaves the occasional 'floating' brick, if you keep ramming, the brick will fall away...although this is not a huge issue, it can be something of an annoyance.

The Resort features, well, the resort itself, along with a small village which is home to the natives, as well as two rock caves (that you'll have access to through the top of both caves and to the inside of course,) There are multiple defensive emplacements, and once again, one more secret location that you might struggle to gain access to unless you pay attention, One sweet thing this map has that will make it a lot of fun are the destructible buildings that are built out of brick... that with a single grenade or any other explosion will make the wall crumble; or you can just ram it with your car and it'll fall! And finally, you will also come across some dense and light areas of jungle to run around in and hunt your prey in.

This map focuses on CQC (Close Quarters Combat) mainly in the native's village and the Resort, how ever the jungle and swamp areas along with the roof tops which you are able to access supply snipers with great positions to torment the enemy with!

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'the_resort.rar' (5.96MB)

Swamp side resorts installation

If there are any problems you find with this map please email them too
 and i will fix them all with in 2 weeks of recieving the emails just in case anymore emails 
come in after yours (saves me continuously updating)

Additional info
Please with the destroyable walls i made in this if your vehicle cannot get through just keep
 ramming as there is a problem i cannot fix where some bricks float but they still fall to an 
explosion or the car hitting them just try till success it happened to me twice while just
 testing through it, they arnt a big problem easy enough to get the car out after the explosion 
has gone off, unless of course you want to knock the whole thing down for fun..


Extract the file to the following location (Default) - 
"C:Documents and SettingsUSERNAMEMy DocumentsMy GamesFar Cry 2user maps"
Or vista users use:
"C:UsersUSERNAMEDocumentsMy GamesFar Cry 2user maps"

Now run your game, go into Multiplayer and enjoy

ask me if you or before you decide to include this in another mod via
or just give credit to my name in the mod either way ill be happy


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