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Maps Minas Tirith (two districts)

various routes that lead to the enemy diamond.The spawns are spread across the entire map. The first map also includes a library, a firing r...


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Maps Floating Forts

This is the first map i created on PC. Ive created a lot of maps before but only on PS3. Its like the title says: forts floating! In the air...


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Maps Woodland Wonderland

fair bit of time trying to make it balanced by observing many online games with 12-16 players.Set on the Zambezi river near an abandoned wor...


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Maps desertion CTD

8-16Gametypes:only CTDVehicles:each team 1x M2, 1x M249, 1x normal car- 2x stationary M249 MG's- tried my best to keep it balance...


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Maps Mirror District 1.2

PCSize: Medium (4-10 players)Game Modes: ALL1.2 Changes- Remove over 350 Objects (performance increase)- Remove over 80 Lights (performance...


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Maps Isla de la Muerte

PCSize: Large (12-16 players)Game Modes: ALLFeatures:- Symmetric map design for balanced teamplay- 2 Assault Truck (M-249); 1 Jeep Liberty (...


Maps Il covo dei pirati (Pirate's cove)

Mappa Far cry 2 sotterranea (underground)


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Maps speedy's world

I hope everione will have fun in this map.This is my first map its have a wountain, five islnd lot of water and ships. Sorry for bad english...


Utilities Legions_FC2_Editor_Mod_Beta_1.0

objects than the normal editor would allow in Far Cry 2.Version Beta 1.0 has been released! It includes some new HD objects, I also unlocked...



removed, + added alot of ingame weapon pickups!Features:* This is my beta realese, so let me know in comments if there is any major bugs.* 3...


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Mods Higher Damaging Weapons

here as well. I have no way of testing this version as my computer is dead. I have a feeling that explosive weapons might be too damaging so...


Maps FC Lan Party 2011

military bunker!DM Only, Hurry, the party is about to begin ;)2-4 Players (This is a small map so i recommend max 4 players)


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Maps River Up

It's a kinda simple idea.A big river, 2 camps, cars, boat, turrets, defence, bridge, everything you need for a good time in multiplayer.Have...


Maps Zalumans Jungle Reduxe

and CTD, the strongest will survive ;)2-16 Players


Maps Lost Temple Of Nzulu Reduxe

years ago by an unknown civilization in a remote mountain jungle, the temple was just recently discovered by a group of Mercenaries. It is s...


Maps Pain Lands Reduxe

new/more objects.(The Light objects i added are demanding, so if you dont have a powerful computer play at medium or low GFX setting!)DM, TD...


Maps Lost Temple Of Nzulu

to create the "core structure" of the temple.DM Only, the strongest will survive ;)2-16 Players


Maps Zalumans Jungle

fortress, fuel depo and a hidden gold reserv!DM Only, the strongest will survive ;)2-16 Players


Maps Pain Lands

weather!DM, TDM and CTD2-16 Players


Maps Christmas Burg