Far Cry Comics in the work!

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Published by Pille 17 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
Hey everyone, as it was already mentioned in the previous item a comic series about Far Cry is in the works. Those fan-made comics are based on a similar series of comic strips made from the game [url="http://haflife2.filefront.com"]Half Life 2[/url] with the help of Garry's Mod, a famous modification which allows complete control over the game physics. [url="http://www.PHWOnline.com"]To get a better idea about how these comics look like please check this link.[/url] The author states though that this project will be difficult to realise because of the various stuff needed for it. Here is a list of the probably needed stuff: [quote] 1. We have to find a idea 2. We have to find(or make)some skins,if we want to 3. We have to build(or find)an island 4. We make some different cutscenes 5. We take some screenshots for those cutscenes 6. We edit those pictures in photoshop [/quote] I may be able to help this project out with Photoshop though my experience with it is, softly said, [b]very[/b] low. So if you find something you can help out with please either leave a comment here or reply to the [url="http://forums.filefront.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=232319"]original forum thread[/url]. Thanks in advance, and special thanks to Greendead for bringing this interesting idea up.
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