New competition for Far Cry gamers starts soon!

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Published by Hfx-Rebel 17 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
It is my pleasure to inform you, the FarCryFiles community, that [url=""]Hostile Tactics Gaming Network[/url] is working on including [i]Far Cry[/i] to it's list of supported games; At HTGN you get to play the game(s) you love, compete with your friends and online enemies, and take home goodies instead of [i]just[/i] bragging rights. HTGN is sponsored by nearly every major hardware provider used by gamers; A few of these sponsors are: Logitech, nVidia, ZBoard, IceMat and Steel-Series. The organization is working to one common goal in all of it’s supported games: [u]PRIZES[/u]! Giving back to the players something to show for their skills other than just a name in a website. Some of the prizes that can be won are: gaming mice, keyboards, headphones, mouse pads, fan grills, graphics cards, speaker sets, to name a few...and not the ones from the bottom shelf, but the latest on the market shipped straight to your door. [quote]Compete in various leagues and tournaments in 1vs1, 2vs2 all the way up to 12vs12 and more. Play alone or with your clan and when your team wins YOU win. Prize packages won by teams have each player receiving shipments so there’s no fighting about the winnings. The only fighting you’ll find here is in the gaming arenas during your matches. Many leagues have come before HTGN and many will follow but no one can compete with the prize packages won from online play at HostileTacticsGaming. Sit at home, play your game of choice and soon you could be hearing a knock on your door with a package just for you.[/quote] HTGN is looking to add Far Cry to the list of games they support. Register for the site, visit the forums, and let them know what you think. FFA, TDM, Assault, post your ideas in the forums at HTGN. So, head on over to HGTN and register now, it's fast, free & painless! Show your support for farCry, enjoy some great games and win some prizes!!
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