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Published by Hfx-Rebel 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


We have a treat for you today! If you are looking for some new Far Cry content, then you're in the right least for some news on some new content ;) If you enjoyed the popular Tweaker Coast and Farmer Jack 2 the super popular Farmer Jack, then prepare for the corners of your mouth to raise! Sniper_m4 has sent word that he is working on a whole new project for Far Cry, however, its a good news / not so good news situation...the not-so-good news is that the developer cannot give a definite date on the release of this mod, the good news is that he will be releasing a Demo of the mod in the near future!

The story of this WIP is that it is the year 2010, after another terrorist attack on the U.S. mainland the American government enforces Marshal Law (for the peoples protection) After a long year of losing their Civil Rights and Liberties, the people fight back against the Government. Jack heads the anti-government movement and takes the fight against the CIA, FBI, and the POLICE to their doorstep.

There is no shortage of weapons here, you will have your choice of how to quash your enemy! Have a read:

Some of the wepons available are:

  • mp7 with ecotech scope
  • LR300 with grenade launcher
  • hk_usp with detachable silencer
  • mac10 with detachable silencer
  • mp5k single or switch to dual
  • Rambo style knife
  • m3 shotgun.
  • dual 50 cal mounted weapon

The vehicles are just as impressive:

  • APC with dual 50 cal machine guns
  • waverunner
  • F-117
  • F-5
  • unmanned attack UAV
  • police helicopter
  • Tractor

Along with all of these items that will be found in this mod, (which I have not been officially given a name for, but from the screenshots, it would appear to be Farmer Jack 2) Sniper_m4 has also stated that the full release version will be around 4 or 5 levels, but for now, you will have to settle with the Demo release, which will hit the download section in about a month.

Some of the features of this release will include: All new wildlife Large mouth bass Bluegill Eagle Bluejay And new insects

Check out the screenshots provided below and prepare to be WOWed! Stay tuned for more information as it is made available!

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