Special Assignment: Take the Intel / Crysis Challenge!

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Published by Hfx-Rebel 15 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
Intel® has made a date with Crysis® fans worldwide, the new video game from the Crytek® and Electronic Arts. On January 15th 2008 you will see the launch of the first mapping contest on [url="http://icmc.crymod.com"]crymod.com[/url] dedicated to the Crysis universe. Thanks to the Sandbox2 level editor supplied with the game, players can change the game environment, set-up new scenarios, create buildings, as well as personalise existing objects (weapons, armour, vehicles). Players will be judged on their map modifying skills in two main categories, "singleplayer" and "multiplayer". For the latter, players can choose between "PowerStruggle" or the "InstantAction" game modes. "We are offering players the chance to pit themselves against some of the best video game developers in the world. They can take over the Crysis universe, completely change the scenario, invent the best map to make their own game!" explains Jean-Pierre Navarro, Intel Strategic Relationship Manager, Consumer EMEA Gaming. "The winners of the Intel / Crysis Mapping Contest will be awarded of a range of prizes including the latest generation Processors, Laptops, Desktops, Gamers motherboards, Goodies...." [quote] The following are the assignments for the contest. The community and the jury will judge your map contributions based on these criteria. So be sure to follow the assignments when creating your level in order to be able to win in this section! [list=1] [*]Assignment 1 (For Singleplayer) - Intel® performance and visibility - Objective: Make use of the power of Intel® Core™ 2 Extreme processor and implement AI and heavy physics and particle effects to stress the CPU. Find a good way of using the Intel® Core 2 Extreme Processor logo in the game. Equipment needed: Inventiveness. Sense of details. Strategic intelligence in use of the Intel® Core™ 2 extreme logo onto box, flag, house, buildings, structures ? [/list] [*]Assignment 1 (For Multiplayer) - Intel® visibility - Objective: Use Intel® Core™ 2 Extreme Processor logo in the game: a 'Clever & Smart' visibility. Equipment needed: Inventiveness. Sense of details. Strategic intelligence in use of the Intel® Core™ 2 extreme logo onto box, flag, house, buildings, structures... [/list] [*]Assignment 2 (For Multiplayer & Singleplayer) - Fun and gameplay - Objective: To exploit the richness of the Crysis® universe. Avoid bugs. Equipment needed: Sense of direction and game play. Originality. Factors which could jeopardise the mission: Bugs. Slowdowns. Fuzzy backgrounds, etc. [/list] [*]Assignment 3 (For Multiplayer & Singleplayer) - Creativity - Objective: To create a real and absorbing map based on the Crytek experience in map creating. Stay true to the spirit of Crysis®. Equipment needed: Artistic and graphic sense as imagination and creativity. Potentially useful tactic: Use the Crysis® universe for inspiration, but be able to break free from it. Pay attention to the graphical environment details and also explore every possibilities offered by the power of the CryENGINE2™. [/list] [*]Assignment 4 (For Singleplayer) - The best Singleplayer cutscene - Objective: Story board creativity, convincing set-up & Intel® logo visibility. Equipment needed: Make use of the trackview tool provided with the Sandbox2 Editor and create a convincing cutscene by using your skills as producer and director. [/list] [*]Assignment 4 (For Multiplayer) - The best InstantAction & Power struggle E-Sports levels - Objective: Create a multiplayer map that matches the E-Sport criteria. Equipment needed: Sense of creating competition maps with balanced gameplay and satisfying visual art. [/list] [/quote] This sounds like a lot of fun, and should add some quality content for this awesome community! I look forward to seeing how this contest progresses, and I, for one, am equally excited about seeing some excellent work being created! I'm glad I'm not judging this, it would be a tough job trying to decide the winners! Good luck to all that enter!! [url="http://www.ea.com/crysis/news.jsp?newsId=mappingcontest162008"]Source[/url] [b]Some important links:[/b] [url="http://icmc.crymod.com/"]Intel Crysis Mapping Contest Homepage[/url] [url="http://game-on.intel.com/"]Game-On Intel[/url] [url="http://icmc.crymod.com/assignments.php"]ICMC Assignments[/url] [url="http://icmc.crymod.com/contest.php"]ICMC Rules[/url] [url="http://icmc.crymod.com/jury.php"]ICMC Jury[/url] [url="http://icmc.crymod.com/prizes.php"]ICMC Prizes[/url]
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