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Crazyhooker has also been posting progress on his map at the Official farcry forums. Here's what he said:
Well I've seen quite a few people posting their works in progress so I figured I would post a few screens of what I have been working on for the past two months. It was originaly supposed to be a 1 mission single player map but now it looks like it will have to be at least 3 possibly 4. It has lots of indoor areas as well as caves and lots of outdoor sniping. Due to the steep cliffs I will have snipers everywhere. If You hate snipers this map is proably not for you. If the response is really good when the map is released I may make a night version and a easier version because I do like my maps hard. The first two parts are nearing completion and the screens are from that. Please bear in mind that NO VEGITATION has been added to this map yet nor have I hit the mountians with a manual X and Y paint. So remember the terrain will look much better! Please tell me what you think!
I've added some screenshots below as normal. Head here to find out more about this map.
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