X-Isle Mod make a return

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Published by Hfx-Rebel 13 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
The X-Isle Mod Team is back and is in full swing!
We are back !!! So now we're finally back, with a new homepage, new Screenshots and the a new trailer! We hope you like our new homepage and we wish you all a lot of fun. The trailer is around 9 MB big and you can download it in the section "Downloads". The new pic's you can find, of course, in the "Screenshots section"! A lot of fun wish you the whole X-Isle Team
It seems that just about everything concerning this team is new! I look forward to the release of their mod. If you're not sure what it was that they were working on, then keep reading...
Type: Singelplayer/Multiplayer Why a Mod for Far Cry?: Enormous, landscapes with unique environments. Description: Before the Developerstudio Crytek his Jungle Shooter named Far Cry released, the game was callde X-Isle: Dinosaur Island. In the year 2012 five small islands will be found in the pacific. Anything or anyone hide this Isles, so that the whole world couldn't see them. A first discovery team of the United States of America shows fantastic pic's. On the Island live Dinosaurs. But then the communication get lost to the expidition team. So the UN sendt an armed Team there to get the situation under control. Secretly mercenaries were sent to the Islands because unknown powers wanted to kill all attestors. So from now on you won't be hunted only by dinos seperate from the professional killers. Release: Middle/End 2006
To learn more about what the X-Isle mod is doing, see the trailer that they released.
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