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All Files In Far Cry Assault
Assault Islands

Well here is another island based map. This one is quite good and it is really wicked when played deathmatch style, so check it out already.


Assault Island Jump

Here is a weird fair sized map consisting of a bunch of small islands to fight across. It also has some really well done scenery, so check i...


Assault Heights

This custom map has some really well placed objects and such and is a must check out, even if it is a little small.


Assault Glider assault

Here is a kick ass aerial based map. Its an all out war with the great gliders, watch out you will be git from above!


Assault ColdHell

Here is the first snow map for this awesome game. The name is ColdHell and trust me it truly is hell, check it out!


Assault Bay

Here is an awesome map created with a little peace of the Bay, definitely check this one out!


Assault Habour

Here is a gorgeous little map recently finished for us. This Habour is packed full of mayhem and if your not careful you will be done...


Assault Camp

Here is a small little hell pit lovingly called Camp. This map will make you afraid to go camping as you will be shot from every angl...


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Assault Runningman

Here is a map that trys to "mimic" the great movie starring everyones favourite governor Arnold of course. It does do a pretty good job at i...


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Assault Reddawn

This is an awesome battle. especially for teams of 6-8 guys. If you like fast paced all out war then this is your map! so get it already.


Assault Ascention

This is a very BIG assault map.. It has twice as many objectives which makes the game a bit more easier for the defender's :D :thumbsup:...


Assault Helm's Cry Whitefix

What means "whitefix"? The original mp_helms_cry did not work properly on all machines. Under some ci...


Assault Cargo

Extract to your FarCry - Levels folder, and Enjoy!


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Assault Drop Off

This is a smaller assault map.. but very nice.. Enjoy


Assault CS Dust

This Includes an ASSAULT and TDM, with 2 teams: - Terrorists (Plant the bomb!) - Counter-Terrorists (Defuse the bomb!


Assault Monkey Bay Storm

This is the monkeybay map with wind,dust,thunder,moving trees and bushes. It's loud so you can't hear someone sneak up on you. Sniping is...


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Assault MP_Ruin

a little assault map, just one flag but very hard.


Assault Astraining

A Nice little map for a couple of people :) extract to your FarCry - Levels Folder to play


Assault Mountain Strike

For the assault lovers, here's another map that you'll enjoy playing... to play Extract to your FarCry - Levels folder.. and Enjoy!


Assault Boat

HummerMan's Review This is by far the largest Multiplayer map I have played for FarCry.. and also the best so far. It's a conversion of the...


Assault Boat V2

HummerMan's Review This is by far the largest Multiplayer map I have played for FarCry.. and also the best so far. It's a conversion of t...


Assault Tank V2

This is a great looking assault map, lots of fun in the time i've played it! :D Don't worry about it being an .exe, its already been teste...


Assault Assault

This map was created to exploit the hang gliders as much as possible. There are also Boats and Buggies, but the focus is Hang Gliders. It...


Assault Mount Cyanide

This is the grand prize winner of Ubisoft's FarCry Mapping contest, it's a very cool map!!