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FFA Singo

Here is a fun little map made mainly for goofing around. Make sure you check it out for a good laugh :P


FFA Soe 2

This map ir really well done. You would be hard pressed to find a better, well built and just plain professional map. It is a smaller map wi...


FFA Verlassenebasis

Here is a beta map that is made mainly for training yourself or for clan practise. it is really cool yet effective. so all you nubs out ther...


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FFA Labyrinth

This is a nicely done map, with a maze. Have fun with it and try not to get lost ;)


No Screenshot
FFA The Two Towers

This is a good looking FFA map, hope you enjoy


FFA Mutant Lake

This map is recommended for people with high end computers, Enjoy!


FFA Shark Island

Here's a nice FFA map, Extract to your FarCry - levels folder.. and enjoy!


FFA Pearl

Extract to your FarCry - Level's Folder, and enjoy!


FFA Oil Rig

ot much to use for combat on this offshore rigger so grab what you can. Hand to hand combat will be the norm with wrenches, machetes and zap...


FFA Dark Nightvision Sniping

Here's a sniper map for ya... Just install to your FarCry - Levels Folder.. and Enjoy!


FFA VOK Island

Extract to your FarCry - Levels folder.. and enjoy


FFA MP_Apollo

Moon themed buggy wars. Very dark.


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FFA Mars

TommyBoss has done it again... except this time.. it's on another planet :eek:


FFA Mortal Boat

This is one of the best maps i've gotten to play... It doesnt use up alot of computer resources.. also theres fun stuff to do... specially...


FFA Tropical Beach

This is a very large map, and usually on large maps theres tons of stuff to do.. to play, Extract to your FarCry - Levels folder.. Enjoy!!


FFA Dras

HummerMan's Review mp_dras is a very large FFA map, which doesnt necessarily make it good. In my opinion, large maps are only good on the a...


FFA DangerZone

This map was made by mad maty, I aint an expert mapper, so dont expect too much quality!! Please check out farcryarena.com and go t...


FFA Co-Op Map

Here's a map to feed all your FarCry Co-Op needs! many thanks to loser kid for this map!!


FFA Paradise Island

This is a smallish ffa.... only a couple of vehicles, plenty of lush vegetation.... first timers map, hope you guy's enjoy!


FFA Square of Fun

A big square of fun!! try not to fall off anything, it's a lng drop :D


FFA Wake Island

FarCry FFA Map This Far Cry map is based on a Battlefield 1942 map, Wake Island.


FFA MP Circular

A new map submission, and not a bad one at that. It shows a lot of promise! In my opinion, it was very well done; See the readme for more in...


FFA Extremdrain

Tired of constantly running around big maps looking for the action, only to be killed as soon as you find it? ...Or maby you don't have a w...


No Screenshot
FFA Assault Aggression 1

Here is an interesting map, a great addition for the Far Cry community. See the readme for more information.