Far Cry

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Domination Mod Video Promo Intoxicated Gamers 44.37MB 1,006
Sound pack n88tr 2.44MB 1,351
Obsidian Edge Mod Obsidian Edge Devs 423.19MB 4,671
Project X mod Project X Team 199.17MB 2,836
FC 64ecu to 32os conversion pissdrunx1987 397.07MB 28,018
FFaCry Big 284.1MB 3,741
Weapons Sound Pack n88tr 7.44MB 2,925
Mutant Mod Happynappy 277KB 954
Far Cry QuickSave MOD Robert-33 3KB 6,483
NanoMods mod Mat357 24.53MB 320
NanoMods mod Mat357 36.94MB 580
NanoMods mod Mat357 3.87MB 556
Enhanced Realism Mod Pitch 7.19MB 3,585
Tiradentes Mod Tmod Dev Team 137.23MB 1,412
C&C FarCry CnC Far Cry Mod Team 4.41MB 651
X-Isle Mod X-Isle Mod Team 163.75MB 2,107
C&C FarCry RenEvo Software and Designs 33.7MB 945
Assault Coop LAN FlameKnight7 102.82MB 2,312
Mounted Weapon Model Replacement Guest 1KB 665
Bus_FC Guest 115KB 310
Working Vending Machines Guest 107.67MB 267
No Rockets Sub 2KB 749
Co-op Mod BETA Guest 4.03MB 1,587
Pure Realism Mod V1.3 TheVoodoo 1.04MB 2,844
CryRadio v0.2.1 Full install jamesryan2004 846KB 4,041
Co-op Mod BETA v2 Guest 4.03MB 20,513
Ultimate Realism Master Ice 1.44MB 4,355
Enhanced Realism v 1.4.5 TheVoodoo 2.61MB 13,359
Sweet Sniper Pickles 33KB 4,084
ModElMod Sceprax 3KB 1,227
Fists Of Fury + Fists Of Fury: OverClocked Edition James Walkden 6.73MB 1,157
Fists Of Fury + Fists Of Fury: OverClocked Edition James Walkden 6.73MB 4,685
Tacto Mod exe Tacto Dev Team 12.74MB 1,454
Tacto Mod zip Tacto Dev Team 13.95MB 1,138
Far Cry Mini-Mod Uncle Benny 4.23MB 1,021
BlackHawk Down Mod FlameKnight7 49.12MB 2,207
Assault Co-op Mod FlameKnight7 96.95MB 3,453
NOOB MOD MegaDeath*TAW* 10.6MB 2,240
Assault Co-op Mod FlameKnight7 94.52MB 6,729
Quad R4c3 Mod Big 7.51MB 1,807
Realisitc Assault mod headhunter_TAW 2.15MB 820
Vampire Slayer Mod .::Counter::. 8.13MB 2,151
Assault Co-op Mod FlameKnight7 165.8MB 2,472
Assault Coop FlameKnight7 299.35MB 6,034
Destruction vs Debris Genome 66 5.97MB 392
Destruction vs Debris Genome 66 12.26MB 1,816
FarCry CTF Mod RealRedShark 48.05MB 3,079
Jurassic Park Mod Digital Genesis 85.3MB 14,807
Assault Coop: Fort Ambush Demo Mod FlameKnight7 41.72MB 2,125
CTF Mod for Far Cry RealRedShark 33.63MB 2,962