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Demo Far Cry Demo (2nd Demo - Research)

Here it is the second demo for this awesome game including 2 maps; Fort and Research! Far Cry is a tactical, first-person-perspective act...


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Demo Far Cry Demo (1st demo)

Featured Mission: Fort - Playable with three levels of difficulty After an explosive skirmish aboard a beached carrier, Jack sec...


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Crytek and Ubisoft announce the release of the CryENGINE™ MOD SDK for Far Cry™. The CryENGINE™ MOD SDK features a set of tools compr...


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Misc Official screensaver

Here it is the very first file posted on farcryfiles.com sorry had to enjoy that for a second. Now check out this awesome scree...


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Misc Sandbox editor handbook

Here is an amazing manual that should answer all your questions about the sandbox editor and then some.-god7399


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Misc FarCry SDK V1.1

At last, the new MOD SDK version is available now. This version includes some updates and the long wanted Max6/Maya6 CryExporter und...


Misc Webkit

- 1 high res posing of Jack Carver - 14 screenshots - all the logos you need - the official website colour scheme - background i...


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Misc Far Cry Instincts Website Kit

This kit contains everything you need to create your very own website for Far Cry Instincts.


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Misc Far Cry v1.4 SDK

A new version of the Far Cry SDK. This set of tools includes the scripts, filters and tools for modders to create their own mods and maps us...


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Patches Far Cry v1.1 Patch

Here is the first patch for us for this awesome game, if you are gonna play you will need this! so get it already :P


Patches Far Cry v1.2 Patch

**WARNING**Ubi/Crytek have withdrawn this patch from their sites. We here are still gonna keep it available to those that want it, But...


Patches Far Cry v1.3 Patch

Here it is!! the long awaited patch!! feel free to post your thoughts on it, your feedback about it is greatly needed!! Hopefully this one w...


Patches Far Cry v1.31 Patch

The FarCry 1.31 patch addresses a multiplayer exploit: When a player lies prone whilst carrying a scoped weapon, a bug caused the'weap...


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Patches Far Cry v1.31 Linux Dedicated Server FIles

Many people are awaiting it, now it is released - the Linux dedicated server v1.31. Besides the update to the latest version of FarCry the p...


Patches Far Cry AMD 64-bit Upgrade

The AMD64 version of Far Cry is now available for the new Windows XP Pro - x64 Edition. The AMD64 version is an upgrade that installs on top...


Patches Far Cry AMD 64-bit Exclusive Content Add-on

In addition to improvements to existing content, the AMD64 version includes additional multiplayer levels and areas that can only be accesse...


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Patches Far Cry v1.32 Patch

This is the latest patch for Far Cry including the last and hopefully final bug fixes. The following was changed: Fixed a Shader Model 3....


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Patches Far Cry v1.33 Patch

This patch will update versions 1.31 and 1.32 to Far Cry 1.33. Below is a brief list of th main changes it makes: * This patch support...


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Patches Far Cry Patch Pack

This file is for all of you who are unsure of which patch version to download. It includes everything you need to update your game to the la...


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Patches Far Cry v1.33 Linux Dedicated Server FIles

Ubisoft has also released an updated dedicated Linux server for Far Cry, finally bringing Penguin-powered multiplayer servers for the first-...


Patches EUMappack Hotfix

If you have downloaded the EU_Mappack v1.1, you will no doubt have noticed a bug with one of the maps (EU_Gorge), This hotfix will r...


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Patches Far Cry v1.3 to v1.4 Patch

This patch is to be installed over v1.3 and takes it to v1.4. A list of changes can be found below.


Patches Far Cry v1.4 Patch

This patch can be installed over v1.0 (out-of-the-box) or v1.1. A list of changes can be found below.


Patches sp_Arena "WHITE OUT" Bug Patch

Making the leap from Doom III and Quake IV, we have a first time FarCryFiles content submitter here with us today...and he has suppli...


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