Far Cry

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Dangerous Mod Guest 3.69MB 269
FC Loading Screen Render PNG Guest 84KB 194
~EPIC DE~ Guest 143KB 225
~VALKYRIE AG36~ Guest 177KB 495
Nomad's AG36 and ACU Humvee Guest 1.69MB 264
Sexy Valerie - Cleavage Edition Fragger 1.74MB 5,673
Valerie Topless Vietnu 1.54MB 15,940
Sexy Valerie Fragger 1007KB 4,308
Valerie bra 1 Overseas 804KB 1,633
Valerie bra 2 Overseas 1.37MB 2,435
Fat Boy Fragger 260KB 2,176
Jack Camo OT2K 1.14MB 4,015
Far Cry Camo Pack OT2K 1.1MB 4,143
Multicolored Crosshairs Fragger 101KB 1,704
Reptillian Trigen Fragger 313KB 954
Realistic Vending Machines Fragger 110KB 2,769
Greenhornet Fragger 64KB 484
Nightmare M4 Fragger 125KB 1,902
Jurassic Park Humvee President Skrewb 2.32MB 1,264
Fire and black Paraglider Guest 20KB 811
Golden Humvee Christian Beckmann 185KB 642
Bloody Dashboard Guest 84KB 649
Yellow - Black Humvee Fragger 427KB 887
High Visibility Scope Fragger 113KB 3,501
Dark Fire Glider Fragger 79KB 700
Flame Humvee Cresil 312KB 1,379
Custom Camo Sniper MetzXTwo 124KB 1,615
Shelby Cobra Zortech & Xezon 3.58MB 2,324
Four Skins Pack President Skrewb 693KB 1,492
AG36 Fragger 138KB 3,811
Two Toned DE Fragger 137KB 4,268
Jackhammer Skin Fragger 58KB 2,366
Rusty Golden Falcon Guest 154KB 762
Transparent Clip P90 Protoberance 216KB 2,060
ZZ MP5 random hero 445KB 996
Bloody Machete Cresil 61KB 2,769
Desert Eagle & P90 Skin Loky 592KB 862
Panther M4 Loky 464KB 1,084
Custom Desert Eagle MetzXTwo 403KB 1,566
Custom MP5 MetzXTwo 228KB 1,522
Custom P90 MetzXTwo 374KB 1,161
Custom M4 Camo MetzXTwo 188KB 1,463
Desert Camo M4 Guest 371KB 804
Skroob's Beat-Up Deagle Skroob 112KB 1,358
Dr. Zoidbergs Deagle Dr zoidberg 419KB 2,295
M4 N_ck-cz 2.81MB 2,745
Camouflage SniperRifle Woolybear 292KB 193
Camouflage M4 Woolybear 399KB 148
Far Cry Loading screen by Joe randomherocky3k 556KB 585
War Clan Loading Screen Guest 381KB 957
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