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Skins Dangerous Mod

section.If you like what you see, give it a download. Installation is easy; just extract in your FarCry/Mods folder. According to the...


Skins FC Loading Screen Render PNG

Far Cry load screen. I opened DDS file in my Photoshop and I created render PNG.You can Create very nice load screen with my render.He looks...


Skins ~EPIC DE~

a de i made cause i though the old one sucked and its the only pistol in the game so i made it as epic as possible



located on the side of the ag36 from texarkana bikers blog


Skins Nomad's AG36 and ACU Humvee

This pack have two .pak archives which replace your current texture of neither or both AG36 Assault Rifle and the Humvee depending on the in...


Female Sexy Valerie - Cleavage Edition

For all of you that thought the topless edition was a little too much, and that the sexy valerie didnt show enough, this is PERFECT for you!...


Female Valerie Topless

It was bound to happen some day. This is a topless skin (in beta, until I can remove the shirt she's going to have that little knot on her...


Female Sexy Valerie

She has now brown hair, denim shorts and more atractive breasts. Get the point?:P


Female Valerie bra 1

some may appreciate a sexy Valerie, but not half-naked. Based so on her topless skin, I finally designed a light white bra made of cotton...


Female Valerie bra 2

some may appreciate a sexy Valerie, but not half-naked. Based so on her topless skin, I finally designed a light white bra made of cotton...


Male Fat Boy

Recolored skin (monster) with black weapon.


Male Jack Camo

Here are some VERY nicely done Skins for Jack Carver.. Many thanks to OT2K for the skins :D :thumbsup:


Male Far Cry Camo Pack

Here is another skin pack from OT2K, that is once again very nice :D Enjoy!


No Screenshot
Other Multicolored Crosshairs

Croshairs in different colors: Blue Green Purple White Aqua Orange Red


Other Reptillian Trigen

This one looks at you while it kills you. It has eyes!


Other Realistic Vending Machines

Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Sprite Vending machines.


Vehicles Greenhornet

This skin makes your hang glider sort of lime green, blends more in with the trees.. have fun finding me now boy!!


Vehicles Nightmare M4

This skin make's your M4 completely black... its a nice change from the old colors


Vehicles Jurassic Park Humvee

this is a jurrasic park themed humvee witch i based on the jeep from the movie. Extract the pak file into your /Farcry/FCdata folder....


Vehicles Fire and black Paraglider

Here we go.. some skins for the vehicles :D gotta love it.. looks very good too :thumbsup:


Vehicles Golden Humvee

Finally, a skin a man named HummerMan can appreciate :D Enjoy :thumbsup:


Vehicles Bloody Dashboard

Here we have a skin which changes the look of the default Humvee dashboard to make it look like a blood stained one. A very nice skin which...


Vehicles Yellow - Black Humvee

this is the color i always wanted my hummer to be, yellow.. but with a black soft top :D since i can't have that in real life, guess i'll...


Vehicles High Visibility Scope

this scope take's away the original green that was around the scope... making it more clear :)