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Vehicles Dark Fire Glider

Do NOT modify the files in any way, or I'll send a Trigen after your @$$! :D This is a nice multicolored look for the h...


Vehicles Flame Humvee

:D this is a great skin for the humvee, i think the black looks really good with the fire... be sure to check this one out.. keep up the go...


Vehicles Custom Camo Sniper

Here's the camo skin for the sniper! looks great!! stay tuned for the matching character skins ;)


Vehicles Shelby Cobra

This is a great looking car skin :) The replaces the buggy with a really nice done Shelby Cobra :D so you look cool when you hit people ....


Weapons Four Skins Pack

there u go some nice looking skins made by me, just put the pak in your fcdata folder and enjoy... my next project is a jarrasic park humvee


Weapons AG36

Another weapon with that "brand-new"look.


Weapons Two Toned DE

Chrome DE with black slide and red dots on the rear sight. Also, the words DESERT EAGLE - ISRAEL embossed on the slide.


Weapons Jackhammer Skin

Another weapon with that "brand-new"look. Pure blue steel.


Weapons Rusty Golden Falcon

This is a new look for the falcon, Enjoy :)


Weapons Transparent Clip P90

A very nice new look for this weapon :D Transparent meaning see through clip :thumbsup: enjoy


Weapons ZZ MP5

This is a very nice MP5 skin that has a purplish blue color to it... It's very impressive for Random Hero's first skin :D :thumbsup: be su...


Weapons Bloody Machete

The look a machete deserves after its beaten down a few people, thanks to cresil for this great skin and fragger for inspiring him :D


No Screenshot
Weapons Desert Eagle & P90 Skin

If your in need of a new look for your weapons, you should get this!!! it's a great skin for the desert eagle and the P90, 2 of my favorite...


Weapons Panther M4

This is a great lookin M4 skin, kind of camo, keep up the great work man!!


Weapons Custom Desert Eagle

Custom DE Skin..Chrome'd it up a little more, darken'd it and added some rust spots to "rough" it up a bit. Enjoy!!


Weapons Custom MP5

Custom Camo Skin.. Came out pretty well, next version will include some touch ups. It adds a nice camo look to the MP5, check it out!!


Weapons Custom P90

Custom P90 Skin..Added what looks like a brownish rust effects, and roughed it up a bit.


Weapons Custom M4 Camo

This my very first attempt at skinning anything for any game, and i think it went quite well. After getting the hang of things I have also c...


Weapons Desert Camo M4

This is a weapon skin for the M4. It gives it a kind of desert camoish look. This skin was designed around the SP Demo, but it should work...


Weapons Skroob's Beat-Up Deagle

It has got realistic blood stains on the side of the gun, which looks quite good. Scratched bits has also been added for that "old" dirty lo...


Weapons Dr. Zoidbergs Deagle

If you are looking for a new look for the your sidearm, this may be for you. This is a high resolution Deagle skin, that has been made from...


Weapons M4

Are you tired of your M4 just not looking or sounding right? Is nobody on the island taking you serious? Are all the big baddies making...


Weapons Camouflage SniperRifle

Hot on the heels...or rather preceding the release of the Camouflage M4, because, well, the M4 skin was submitted first :D but that...


Weapons Camouflage M4

When you're running through a level, shooting the bad guys and trying to stay not dead, do you look at your M4 and think: "How come othe...