Are you sick of playing those single player tropical island paradise maps (well shame on you because that's what Far Cry was intended for!)?...


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Are you sick of playing those single player tropical island paradise maps (well shame on you because that's what Far Cry was intended for!)? If you are, then you're in for a real treat with Gary's "Ascent." (It's technically an island too, but you'll soon forget it.) Blast your way through a vast level of mountains, valleys, and hundreds of mercs in one of the biggest levels you'll ever play. Sniping plays a huge part in the map, and because of the long distances, you'll be doing a lot of it. "Ascent" is easily over an hours worth of gameplay, and if you play it a second time, you'll discover things that you had no idea were there on the first run through.

Check the read-me for installation instructions and other info.

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Download '' (14.21MB)

"ascent"- single player map for Far Cry

This map was tested on a Athlon64 3200,with a Radeon X800XL graphics card at 1280 X 1024.I cannot guarantee that the level will play as intended on all of the wide variety of PCs out there.As the writer of the level,I know all the hazards,and I also play it as it was intended to be played-I would be interested to know how others cope with the surprises,and if they find unanticipated bugs.


Unzip the file and copy to your far cry levels folder,which is usually located at

"C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Crytek\Far Cry\Levels"


Load Far Cry and call up the console with the " ` " key (next to " 1 " on my UK keyboard) and type in

\map ascent


I`ve been impressed by mountainous maps,so I`ve tried to create one myself,but on a bigger scale >200 mercs,2 hours gamneplay,numerous objectives.This is my smoothest map yet-It doesn`t stutter at all,except for one brief instant in a big room.

I haven`t tried to generate lightmaps on this map-no levelm.pak file-it may look nicer with the file,but I think it looks pretty good already,and it would be another 10MB of space.


This map was written entirely by me,Gary Fowler,and I can be located at

[email protected]


Search the map thoroughly for powerups,and hidden dangers-especially snipers


An invisible,and thankfully,inactive merc-but he`s supposed to be unusual anyway.

Unreliable helicopters-they don`t always return to base

AI jeep-only sometimes works-looks really good when it does -an engine defect?

Problems with multiple triggers-the 2 shutdown message problem,and the kill all the mercs bit don`t quite work as intended

Dodgy gamesave in installation ....??

V1.1 fixes - after some correspondence with Dougjp

10x longer lasting,less cryptic,and more,messages

fence across valley/slight alteration in terrain to prevent straying completely off course

better animation in movie sequences

some modifications to a few mercs sight distances

MAP MAKING - Ideas that I`ve had to solve problems

Something I`ve forgotten in previous maps is scaling textures to make the terrain look nicer,as well as experimentation with the environment variables.

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