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Are you so used to Far Cry, that it is not enough of a challenge for you? ..for your friends? Would you like the ability to adjust the num...


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Are you so used to Far Cry, that it is not enough of a challenge for you? ..for your friends? Would you like the ability to adjust the number of AI in a map? How would you like to be able to play CO-OP on any Far Cry map? ...Well, now you can!

If this appeals to you, then this download is a must have for your collection! FlameKnight7 is back, and he comes with something the Far Cry community has been waiting for; We have for your enjoyment, the newest version of his super popular mod Assault Coop v2.0 full (pre release).

This full version mod has been in development for months, and has undergone numerous bug fixes, feature additions and changes since the release of the previous versions, one of the things that may take some getting used to is that the vehicles do not respawn once they get destroyed...

Some of the features included are:

  • Corpse removal
  • Co-op game play
  • New entities for co-op map makers
  • Bot menu (you are able to control the amount of mercs you and your team fight against)
  • New player skins
  • New weapons
  • New sounds
  • New weapon skins
  • New vehicles

This download contains the core files required to play the assault coop v2.0 full, and four COOP maps are included in this release. Once you have this installed, you'll be able to play co-op on any map! With the new and improve bot menu you can spawn AI in a map, you can also use previous maps to play with this version like the map pack from 1.1 patch.

Some changes made to this version include:

  • Uber vehicle explosions!(that mean there will be no vehicle respawn) ownage!
  • Players deaths are shown on the server text
  • Able to randomize spawning
  • Changed font of text
  • Impulse of shotgun blast was increased 4x
  • Colt_commando sound bug fixed
  • 1.4 patch message bug fixed
  • Realistic reload is always on
  • Redid loadscreens and editted levels for the new options in the botmenu

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'prereleaseassaultcoop.rar' (299.35MB)

Hi all! this is the full release of Assault Coop v2.0. I have been workin on this months and finally
compiled it all together just for your coop gaming needs. Many bugs fixes and additions have been
made to the mod. Features in this mod not only in coop but the ability to you the "bot menu" to alter
the maps ai numbers. Not hard enough for your friends? You can now spawn more mercs on the next objective
to give you and your team mate much more of a challenge or just simply change the difficulty of the ai
before you start the server. Each map I made or edited still has the ".cry" files with them so you can
feel free to look at how it was done or just for editing. Read the following instructions
to install or uninstall:

Note: You must have the 1.4 farcry patch to have this mod work properly.

Install for farcry v1.4:
-place "ASSAULT_COOP" folder into your mods folder.

-take out "ASSAULT_COOP" folder from your mods folder.

tips when playing:
-if the client is have some lagging problems like can't crouch or shoot try removing all the ai and 
 replacing them using the botmenu. Press "F4", "3", and "3" again to remove the ai and then go press
 "F4", "1", "6", and then add whatever guy you want from "1-8".

This my was made by Jackie Siu aka Flameknight7
e-mail [email protected] for questions or comments

do not use any of my scripts for any other purposes besides this mod, ASSAULT COOP. consult my permission first.

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