This is something that alot of you have been waiting for...a singleplayer mappack! This download will give you seven maps that you a...


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This is something that alot of you have been waiting for...a singleplayer mappack! This download will give you seven maps that you are bound to get tonnes of enjoyment out of! There will be no shortage of fun and excitement found in this mappack; The maps contained are: Escape: Escape from a small mercenary prision and meet up with Doyle so you can escape together. Down: Your plane has been hit by an enemy rocket, Doyle has died in the crash, and now it's up to you find out what's going on... SubLevel2: You find yourself inside an "abandoned" enemy facility...now you have to make your way out of there. Bridge: Things go from bad to worse! ...And you just want to get out of this mess, get across this highly guarded bridge and see if you can find a way out. Matchstick: Ok this is getting strange, the spheres floating in the sky, and now this!? What the hell is that? Phlogistatic: You find yourself at this strange spaceship, now BLAST the spaceship to the HELL, even if this means the end of your life! DeltaComplex: It's a surprise.

NOTE: There was an issue identified with this download, you will also need to download .:CATALYST:. [Fixed Levels] (v1.2), found here: http://farcry.filefront.com/file/CATALYST_Fixed_Levels;64249 and follow the instructions! The Fixed Levels is merely a replacement for the: DELTA COMPLEX and PHLOGISTATIC levels.

See the Readme for installation instructions, and more information. (Spanish Reame located in download)

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Download 'skript_fcc.rar' (31.85MB)


(first of all i own u an apologize.. my english is not pretty goog so i hope you can read this xD)

Ok this is it, the Skript's farcry campaign .:CATALYST:. final release v1.2 
7 single player maps.. (MOD-PACK VERSION)

the maps are..









well i guess you know how to do this, right??
unzip the RAR file and copy the folder in the far cry directory /Mods..
open the folder Skript_fcc and copy the shortcut called (Skript_FCC) in your desk or in wherever u want
open the shortcut (it will load the game as usual) select in the campaing menu "start new game" the game will start
to load the ESCAPE map..


*there's a little bug that i havent been able to figure out yet, in the level DOWN after the 
intro CutScene at the beginning of the map, the plane doesn't appear!! Ò_o
the bug can be solved if you aim at the floor, don't ask why just aim at the floor and the plane
will be visible again..

*In the RAR file i also included the .cry files, so u are free to modify any of my maps as you wish =P

*i also recommend to play at least with the gaphics set at "HIGH" cause if you play in medium or low you
will not see the small grass and other stuff in the maps, and far cry without grass and other stuff SUCKS!!

*recomended to play with the v1.3 patch

bug fixes:

*no more replace crap =D
*a fade in zone area box added in the matchstick elevator
*fixed trigger in the big ladder of matchstick, AI won't be able to activate this trigger anymore
*deeper river water in the Escape map, and also I added a "clue" to know the road to follow
*loadscreens now have the name of the map
*Matchstick now have savepoints! xD
*I added an additonal savepoint at the beginning of some maps

Well tank u so much for trying this little map packs.... 
that was a lot of hours behind the monitor..
and a lot of hard work, trying to understand WTF was trying to tell me the manual XD
just to learn how to use the Crytek editor..

as u can see i'm not from USA, CANADA, OR the UK.. so my english is basic
maybe i'm the only guy in Mexico that uses the editor xD

well tank u again, and if u have anything to say...  mapping_skript@hotmail.com

hope you like it!!
Good Gaming!!

Special tanks:
to BERSEEKER who gave me the MOD-PACK file..
and for my fiend "kei chan" who made the DeltaComplex loadscreen..

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