The excitement is riding high in the Far Cry Community as the next version of one of the most well-known, much anticipated mappacks is relea...


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The excitement is riding high in the Far Cry Community as the next version of one of the most well-known, much anticipated mappacks is released to enhance your gaming experience! SkrIpT has returned with the follow-up to his insanely popular mappack, .:CATALYST:.. There are some noticably big differences with this release, for instance, with .:CATALYST AFTERMATH:. you have thirteen levels to make your way through, up from seven in the previous version. (Technically, there are only 12 maps, the last map, Contact will be made available at a later date.)

The maps included in this pack are: Landing Escape Down SubLevel2 Bridge Matchstick Phlogistatic DeltaComplex Underworld Interlude 1 Invasion Interlude 2 I can think of no better way to spend some time then to pit yourself against the challenges that can be found inside this mappack. Be sure to take advantage of the times when you're not fighting for your life to explore your surroundings, and get the most out of this awesome mappack!

You're Jack Carver, a member of the elite Viper Squad, and you've been sent in to this strange islands somewhere in the Pacific ocean. You got captured by heavily armed mercenaries, but yor mission remains the same:'Retrive important information about the activities on these islands...' You're not alone, your CIA contact is still there.. but, for how long? Then you'll realize that this mission was not about retrieving information, but save the entire world. The fate of the world is in your hands... or in your M4's muzzle..

Refer to the readme for more information, Spanish language readme contained in the download.

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Download 'catalyst_aftermath_skript.rar' (100.5MB)

my english is not pretty good so i hope you can read this lol.

13 single player maps..










10-Interlude 1


12-Interlude 2

13-Contact (this map is not included, i'll uploaded later due personal reasons)


well i guess you know how to do this, right??
unzip the RAR file and copy the folder in the ../farcry/Mods directory..
open the folder Skript_fcc and copy the shortcut called (CATALYST AFTERMATH) in your desk or in wherever u want
open the shortcut (it will load the game as usual) select in the campaing menu "start new game" the game will start
to load the LANDING map..


*there's a little bug that i havent been able to figure out yet, in the level DOWN after the 
intro CutScene at the beginning of the map, the plane doesn't appear..
the bug can be solved if you aim at the floor, don't ask why just aim at the floor and the plane
will be visible again..

*i also recommend to play at least with the gaphics set at "HIGH" cause if you play in medium or low you
will not see the small grass and other entities in the maps, and the campaign experience is not gonna be the same.

*v1.3 or 1.33 patch is nedded to play

*Recommended Difficulty: Challenging

if u have anything to say...  mapping_skript@hotmail.com


Special tanks:
to BERSEEKER who gave me the MOD-PACK file,
for my friend "kei chan" who made the DeltaComplex loadscreen,
tanks to Chimella who helped me to figure out the delta complex and the phlogistatic bug,
everyone from farcry-maps.com, farcryfiles.com and crymod.com, for their comments and sugestions.

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