Cry Mod v0.2.1



This mod is for the FarCry DEMO, this will let you do alot of other stuff in the demo's...



CryModification v0.2.1

Created by: TheCounter
E-Mail: [email protected]
ICQ: 125623317

First of all, i would thank the german developer Crytek for the amazing game Farcry!
It is a dream for all modders out there ;)

This is version 0.2 of my little farcry singleplayer demo mod called "CryModification".
I make another mod ("Freestyle Productions Modification") too, but for the fullversion of the game.


Extract all files to your FarcryDemo directory (e. g. "C:\Games\FarCry Demo\").
Run the "InstallStringtables.bat" file in the FCData\Localized directory, now the stringtables will be installed.


Open the English.pak with Winzip or Winrar and add all the files in the FCData\Localized\Languages directory to the languages directory in the pak file!

You must start farcry in DEVMODE, just doubleclick on the "start_in_devmode.cmd" instead of the Farcry.exe.

Have fun!

The features of this version are:

Modelviewer - You can now view all the character & animal models from the demo in 3D!
Crosshair menu - Yep, now it's possible to change to crosshair color! Go to options and then "Advanced" in the game options.
Quicksave/Quickload - With the F5 button on your keyboard you can quicksave the game and with the F6 button you can quickload it!
Third-Person-View - If you are in a vehicle, try to hit the F4 button on your keyboard. Yeah, Third-Person-View!
Save menu - I also included a menu where you can save your game any time! It's in the "Launch Demo" "Save Game" menu!
Ingame map-editor - You can play around with my little ingame editor, you can place objects (more than 500), move it and much more!
New difficulty Mode - Now you can play the demo in GODLIKE mode ;) (1. If your legs are hit you will walk slower | 2. No Crosshair | 3. You will die if your head is hit | 4. You cant mark enemys on the radar)
MP5 Fixed - Added the missing sound
Grenades modified - They dont have somke if you throw them
Rockets modified - They now have ballstics
Language selection - You can choose english or german language in the advanced game menu
Menu fixes - Fixed some graphical issues in the menus
New video options - There are 2 new video options in the advanced graphics menu
Campaign menu modified - Added a missionlist that displays only available missions
Video menu fixed - Unlocked the locked options
Buggy modified - Tweaked the controls so you can drive better now
New units - Just added some new units

Controls for Mapping Mode (Numpad Keys):

F1 - Activate/Deactive Mapping Mode
4 & 6 - move left / right
2 & 8 - move forward / backward
3 & 9 - down / up
1 & 7 - turn left / turn right
+ & - - turn up / turn down
0 - Fly mode
ENTF - delete object

(Key 5 (numpad) does save your actual position)

Saving the game with quicksave or in the menu can cause gameplay issues! Use the save function at your own risk!

If you have any problems or suggestions, contact me via email or icq!

Known Bugs:
- Some images are missing

Patch (?):
- Add the Save/Load/Export function

Special thanks to:
Crytek - Developers of Farcry
Ubisoft - Publisher of Farcry
Cromix - Betatester
reneu - Betatester
Orda - Editor Images & Betatesting
p2hicy - Betatester


It's not allowed to sell this software in any form! 
You can provide this software on your website for download, but only for free!
Feel free to modify the scripts, but mention me in the credits/readme & contact me if you want to use my mod in your own mod!!!

(c) 2004 by Kevin Loehlein aka "TheCounter"

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