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Are you a new mapper, but don't know where to start? Are you an experienced mapper, but have run out of ideas? Are you a person who has nev...


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Are you a new mapper, but don't know where to start? Are you an experienced mapper, but have run out of ideas? Are you a person who has never thought about mapping, but would like to give it a try? ...then this Designer map pack may be for you!

You get 8 levels, FAQs, a walkthrough, and more inside the archive...go ahead, download it and go crazy!

See the readme for detailed information and descriptions.

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Download 'designer_map_pack_1.0.rar' (47.75MB)

Designer Map Pack Readme
By Captain Amerika [aka n88tr]

*	General Idea:
	I, Captain Amerika, create 'Jump' levels. These are unfinished levels. They can be transformed into either Multiplayer or Single Player. It is up to 		the designer, you! I REQUIRE intial credit upon creation of the map, showing that the base map you modified was of my inital creation.
	The designer has free reins to do whatever they want to do with the map as long as I get credit for giving you the base map.

*	Why Are You Giving Me These Levels?
	Because I've lost steam in the process of completing them but a new person may still see new and interesting possibilities. There's nothing wrong 		with them at all, but I thought as long as I wasn't going to use them, rather than delete them, I'll give them to a struggling or uninspired map 		maker to do with as they want.
	Also because there is a real lack of good MP/SP levels for Farcry and I suspect this is because people are having trouble making levels. I am, I 		think, providing a very stable beginning for the aspiring mapper, or just for someone who doesn't know where to start.

*	Are You Going to Help me at All?
	I have supplied FAQs and tutorials on map making and editing inside of the archive to aid the aspiring map maker. You can also view my website. It 		has an extensive collection of links to very helpful guides such as Aeon's, Ben's Small MP Bible, etc.
	I have also included a small walkthrough on making a small map. See 'Walkthrough' in the archive. You can also email me and I'll try to help you out 		with whatever you are trying to do. Also, visit the forums on '' and '' to get further help 		from other community members!

*	How many levels do I get?
	You get 8 maps.

	1. Killbox - A rough collection of tight islands. I've included a few versions of the map. One is at night, another has a big beach, the others have 		varying kinds of foliage. See Screenshots of 'Killbox' inside this archive.

	2. Flash - A small grouping of islands with storage and gun emplacements. Very small map, probably good for FFA.

	3. Savage - A map I worked hard on, like most of the maps in this pack, but I lost steam on the process. It is mountaineous and has smaller 			islands around it. It would be a good sniper map.

	4. Floater - Supposed to be a vehicle arena map, but I ran into to many problems and I let it slide.

	5. Unreal - Based on some screenshots from the unreleased FPS game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. It didn't get very far.

	6. Sexular - A getaway island. Very unfinished. Terrain, layers and lighting are done, however.

	7. Hate - My very first serious attemp at mapping. It was pictured on the website before I took down the picture. It's nice, but I hate it. It 			reminds me of all my failures.

	8. Blast - A map I worked really hard on, but after I played Matto3, I just felt it was crap and I abandoned it. It's fairly far along.

*	These maps suck!
	Well, there will be some good and some bad maps in the pack. I think I will release other packs in the future, regardless if they're A+ quality or 		not, just because I have so many others.

*	So That's All?
	Yup. Direct comments/questions/other mental things to

	Please check out my website.
	There's a special section on this Designer Map Pack.

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