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This will be Capt Amerika's last mappack in this series, I for one, hope he reconsiders this choice! His work is an asset to the Far Cry com...


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This will be Capt Amerika's last mappack in this series, I for one, hope he reconsiders this choice! His work is an asset to the Far Cry community and his maps are a pleasure to play! He is releasing this mappack in the hopes that somebody (or anumber of somebodies) with continue on the completion of these maps.

In this maapack, you'll get seven maps: * MP_Garden * Runaround * Simplicity * Spank * Spark * Substanceabuse * Unforgiven

These are all great maps, but far from finished; If you're looking for something to do in your spare time, and would like to carry the map making torch, then this pack is right up your alley. I look forward to playing these maps someday...

See the readme for more information.

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Download 'designer_map_pack_3.0.rar' (77.61MB)

Designer Map Pack 3.0 Readme
By Captain Amerika [aka n88tr']

Test Machine & Creation Machine:
	OS --  Win2000 w/ SP4
	CPU -- AMD Athlon FX-57
	Video -- ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 256 mb
	Video Drivers -- Catalyst Drivers 5.12
	Memory -- 1 gig Corsair PC3200, 
	Hard Drive -- 110 gig Western Digitial IDE


	These files are provided as is, like all custom game content. I'm not the one to blame
	if you incorrectly extracted/placed/edited the files in this archive.
	Backup is your friend. Backup your backups. 

*	About The Designer Map Pack[s]
	I, Captain Amerika, create 'Jump' levels. These are unfinished levels. They can be transformed into either
	Multiplayer or Single Player. It is up to the designer, you!

	I REQUIRE intial credit upon creation of the map, showing that the base map you modified was of my inital creation.
	The designer has free reins to do whatever they want to do with the map as long as I get credit for giving you the base map.

*	Why Are You Giving Me These Levels?
	Because I've lost steam in the process of completing them but a new person may still see new and interesting possibilities.
	There's nothing wrong with them at all, but I thought as long as I wasn't going to use them, rather than delete them,
	I'll give them to a struggling or uninspired map maker to do with as they want.

	Also because there is a real lack of good MP/SP levels for Farcry and I suspect this is because people are
	having trouble making levels. I am, I think, providing a very stable beginning for the aspiring mapper, or just for
	someone who doesn't know where to start.

*	Are You Going to Help me at All?
	If you have read the manuals that come with Farcry [under 'Help' folder], and some FAQs like "Aeon & Swoop's
	Editor FAQ 2.19," you should have plenty of knowledge. If you are still struggling, post at a forum like
	or Or you could always email me with your question[s].

	You can also view my website for other kinds of tutorials!

*	How many maps do I get?
	You get 7 maps.

1.] "MP_Garden"
A large map with some structures, and a drug-running theme. Some areas just need a little
love to make it look like 'something.'

2.] "Runaround"
A dark map with a sniper theme, a large fortress, a ruined pile of metal, flying birds, a
satellite, a skater-ish bowl that once held water.

3.] "Simplicity"
A large map with bright colors and simple gameplay. Boats and phoenix respawners
active, some huts, some underwater exploration, very lush.

4.] "Spank"
A vehicle map, map is all about transportation, whether it is land or sea. Many structures, 
but far from complete. Very bright.

5.] "Spark"
Very incomplete. Waterfall, ruins in the shallows, huts that mercs could live in, very bright.

6.] "Substanceabuse"
One big island that rises at one end, with a winding path, a pond, hut complex, and drug
huts in the big recess of the mountain. A very big map, but there's room for much creativity, still.

7.] "Unforgiven"
My first attempt at a singleplayer map. Very large. Structures numberous, but much
of map is still undeveloped.

*	These maps suck!
	It basically comes down to how much time I spent on the map before it got moved to the
	'Add to the DMP' folder, so you'll encounter some good and some bad quality maps.
	Choose the ones you want to work on, and discard the others.

*	So That's All?
	Yup. Direct comments/questions/other mental things to

*	Please check out my website,

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