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Another great mappack by the very talented Captain Amerika! This one contains seven great maps that are sure to keep you busy and out of tr...


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Another great mappack by the very talented Captain Amerika! This one contains seven great maps that are sure to keep you busy and out of trouble! Although these are not finished levels, they have the potential to be awesome maps when given the attention and talent that only you, as the aspiring mapper can give! These can be made into MP maps, or the beginnings of a great get to decide. I hope I won't have to wait to long to see these released as some works of art!

The maps contained in this mappack are: Civilized Freefall Irrational Lostcause Splash Takecover Unnaturalgenesis

Refer to the readme for all of the details pertaining to this pack, including a brief description of each level.

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Download 'designer_map_pack_4.0.rar' (60.78MB)

Designer Map Pack 4.0 Readme
By Captain Amerika
September 2006

Test & Creation Machine:
       OS --  Win2000 w/ SP4
       CPU -- AMD Athlon FX-57
       PSU -- Antec 430 Watts
       Video -- ATI Radeon 9800 Pro XT 256 mb
       Video Drivers -- Catalyst Drivers version 6.3
       Memory -- 1 gig Corsair PC3200
       Hard Drive -- 110 gig Western Digitial IDE


       These files are provided as is, like all custom game content. I'm not the one to blame
       if you incorrectly extracted/placed/edited the files in this archive.
       Backup is your friend. Backup your backups.

About the Designer Map Pack[s]:
       I, Captain Amerika, create 'Jump' levels. These are unfinished levels. They can be transformed into either
       Multiplayer or Single Player. It is up to the designer, you!
       Detailed Specifications on the D.M.P.s.

Why are you giving me these levels?
       Because I've lost steam in the process of completing them but a new person may still see new and interesting possibilities.
       There's nothing wrong with them at all, but I thought as long as I wasn't going to use them, rather than delete them,
       I'll give them to a struggling or uninspired map maker to do with as they want.

       Also because there is a real lack of good MP/SP levels for Farcry and I suspect this is because people are
       having trouble making levels. I am, I think, providing a very stable beginning for the aspiring mapper, or just for
       someone who doesn't know where to start.

Are you going to help me at all?
       Besides independant research using Google, you should check out my tutorials!

How many maps do I get?
       You get 7 maps.

1.] "Civilized"
A large map with basic vegetation. Much land is still open for buildings or more vegetation.

2.] "Freefall"
A vertically-large map with a Quake-ish theme. A large free-floating structure that has heavily detailed islands below it. It is not easy to access the structure unless you spawn there, but the main feature of the map is the structure, so it needs work. Next to Splash, this is the best map in this pack.

3.] "Irrational"
A set of symmetrical islands, some with palms and others with a non-vegetation purpose. Red could spawn on one side of the map and blue on the other, and the grounds are identical.

4.] "Lostcause"
A series of islands where a few are very detailed and others are bare. I heavily detailed one island to show how this map could be transformed. 

5.] "Splash"
A nearly complete vehicle/water vehicle stunts map. It was going to be an independant release, but college came faster than I thought it would :). This is by far the best map in the pack. But some areas are not complete, so a few hours of TLC could make this a great map.

6.] "Takecover"
A large map with a sniper theme. There is a very tall mountain on one side of the map, while it is split down the middle by a river. Where the river flows, on either side of the bridge that traverses it, there are little docks and boats ready to scoot around the island.

7.] "Unnaturalgenesis"
A very large map with some significant hills and valleys. In the middle of the map there is a small encampment, but other than that the map is bare. It could be a great vehicle stunts map, or long range sniper map.


See alternative screenshots for all these maps at:


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