Devils Island

Devil's Island mission briefing.

This mission leads you to a group of islands located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean near French...


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Devil's Island mission briefing.

This mission leads you to a group of islands located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean near French Guiana. Devil's Island is the most southerly island in this group. The island once was a notorious French penal colony, and later utilized by the European Space Agency as base for launching satellites. Nowadays the island is privately owned by GENETECH International, a large research center, said to be founded and financed by the large family empire 'Krieger Holdings'.

GENETECH International specializes in research on combinatorial biosynthesis and cloning of humanoid species. Recent reports lead to the conclusion that under the expert guidance of the brilliant scientist, Alexia Krieger, the GENETECH projects are at the brink of a major breakthrough.

Your mission is to try and gain access to Alexia Krieger's office, and retrieve reports on current status and future expectations of the running bio-engineering projects.

Unfortunately direct infiltration of this island is as difficult as escape used to be during its role as penal colony. The island defenses rely on a sophisticated satellite system called ASATS. ASATS - or Advanced Satellite Surveillance - makes undetected approach by boat or plane impossible.

Under the ruthless direction of local head security - Mathilda Krieger - the well trained security personnel is highly motivated to shoot at any intruder first, and ask questions later. It will need determination and improvisation to successfully complete your mission. To survive, you must follow the instructions carefully during the mission.

Target info: Devil's Island, Time zone: UTC-3 GENETECH International, Subdivision Combinatorial Biosynthesis Head security: Mathilda Krieger Research manager: Alexia Krieger Retrieve project status reports from Alexia Krieger's office

End of briefing. Good luck.

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Download '' (23.27MB)


  Extract '' in the 'Far Cry\Levels' directory.
  Make sure to use the directory structure in the zip when extracting (in winzip check option 'use folder names' before extracting).
  A directory 'Far Cry\Levels\devils_island' should be present after extracting.
  Go to the main Far Cry menu
  Open the console (usually the Tilde (~) key)
  Type the following command: \map Devils_Island
	When you reload the FIRST save point (the point immediately saved at MISSION START),
	the sound of the wind will be missing.
	You should therefore restart the mission from the console with '\map Devils_Island'.
	All other mid-mission save points should be OK.

  Map name   : Devil's Island
  Type       : Single player
  Made by    : henkbein
  E-mail     :
  Home page  :
  Version    : V1.10

  Disclaimer: the author is aware, that the above geographical description is not
  entirely correct and wishes to state that any similarity between the ingame
  island and the real Devil's Island (except for the impenetrable jungle) is
  purely coincidental.

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