Dirty Racer Mod is now available!!

Here it is folks, the much anticipated release of the joy-riding mud-in-your-face Dirty Racer Mod is now available for your downloading plea...


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Here it is folks, the much anticipated release of the joy-riding mud-in-your-face Dirty Racer Mod is now available for your downloading pleasure! All 400+ megs of Far Cry goodness will transform your game into an Off Road Rally that will put you in the heart of an interactive environment, complete with reduced visibility as a result of mud splashing up on your windshield, spectators that can help or hinder your chances of winning and birds that will fly away (possibly leaving little presents as they go) when you honk your horn!


Dirty Racer is entirely played from the driver's seat. From inside the cockpit of his buggy, the driver can only see the road through his windscreen or by the windows when he takes his head out of his buggy. The various elements located near or on the track alter the state of the windshield; They make it dirty, clean it or break it. Some examples of this will be the mud puddles, and to the other end of the scale, the waterfall.

  • Some features of this mod include:
    • Three game modes with one race related to each one.
    • Game mechanics fully implemented (active spectator, bonuses, active environment);
    • Multi player support;
    • xb360 joypad support;
    • French and English version;
    • Video tutorial included;
    • mp3 listening

The player will have to juggle between the level of his dirtiness and the level of dirtiness of his opponents thanks to the interactive elements but especially thanks to the bonus placed on the track. Bonus all have active effects on the visibility whether it is towards the state of the windshield, the helmet’s peak or the driver’s sight. Some even modify the player’s game play.

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Download 'dirtyracer.exe' (438.8MB)

As the jury is over and the scholarship ends, Dirty Racer is now available to be downloaded and played.

Some minor patches will be available during the summer holidays we hope.
Here is a quick list of bugs (and so, what you can or cannot do with Dirty Racer):



- Dirty Racer does not go out of dedicated server and does not go on a version other than Far Cry 1.4

- For one made optimal of the gameplay of stain, it is advised to put the graphic options of textures, negotiable instrument special and particles at bottom



- Different the player should not arrive at the same moment (to leave some seconds between each)

- The player who creates the part must join in first the play


III/During the race

            - There can be deceleration of the play when several players become active spectator while exploding them buggy.


IV/The end

- Once the finished part, only the server must support on space to leave, if another player leaves the play, the server has great chance of freezer

- In the mode Dirty One, if Dirty One dies, the display of the medals does not go, it goes from there in the same way for the other modes of play when there remains nothing any more but one competitor in life.


If developers (and especially the programmer:P) find time, there will be corrections with its different bug.

If you find not a bug listed, you can go to announce this bug on the forum of the site Dirty Racer (www.dirtyracer.fr)

Hope you like the game !

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