End Time



his past. Man has unearthed many ancientruins and descovered scores of forgotten civiliations. Many coincide with the storys and fokelore past down through thecenturies. Each civiliation has diferent beliefs about the world, except for one --time--. They all recognize it universally as a length in events. One event after another in a seamless attachment. The diference is in the believes of what controls it.Some civiliations believe it is controled by the moon and stars, others believed it was more internal than that. The Akarietribe that lived over ten thousand year ago believed time was controlled by the ballance of the earth as it moved through theheavens. This was discarded as more ancient fokelore than reality. Archeologist laughed about this theory for years, until now.Time on this planet may be differant than any where else. Three month ago a Archeologist found the ancient burial chamber ofthe Akarie. A map was found in the ruins that reveled the location of Sypris, legend has it that's where the Akarie hida key called the vadela that went to a world clock that controled all time. Unfortunately the map and the location of thechamber were not reveled. All communications from the archeologist team have stopped, something bad has happened. Intel lostthere top scientist Viren that worked on the time projects ten years ago, he was assassinated while working on a weapon, there has beenno one in that field since. Intel has intercepted an encrypted code from Calser airbase, merc scientists are involved.


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