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Just like the firelighting ceremony for the Olympics, Pitch has picked up the torch from TheVoodoo and continued to work on th...


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Just like the firelighting ceremony for the Olympics, Pitch has picked up the torch from TheVoodoo and continued to work on the EnhancedRealism Mod v1.4.5! For those of you that may be unfamilliar with this mod that first graced this site in November of 2004, it is an emmencly popular weapon mod that changed the reloading system, as well as made changes to the OICW, AG36, Desert Eagle (Falcon), Rocketlauncher and the Sniperrifle; It also made changes to the binoculars, Explosion radius, increased firerate for the mounted MiniGun and lots more.

With this version, Pitch has made a number of changes, on top of whats been done in version 1.4.5, that will ensure that your gaming experience is truely enhanced and more realistic! No Far Cry game would be complete without having this mod installed! The downloaded file contains the readme and a self-installing exe.

Some of the changes/additions in this version include: All bullet trails/tracer fire removed. Realistic Fire Range added on all weapons. All weapons have been 'resounded' to less 'cheesy' sounds. Overall Rifle Ammo you're able to carry increased. Rifle Crouching/Prone accuracy increased slightly.

Refer to the readme for a complete list and other information.

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Download 'enhancedrealism_v2.21.zip' (7.19MB)

-=EnhancedRealism V2.21=-

This is mod that added to the original ideas and mods created by TheVoodoo. Full credit goes to him/her for all the content added into Enchanced Realism V1.45. Unfortunately the mod stopped being updated so, although I was unable to contact the original Author, I have continued updating it.


This is the list of features TheVoodoo's Enchanced Realism Mod added:

> Realistic Weapon reloading system:
Allways the bulletcount of a full clip will be subtracted from the ammopool
when reloading and the remaining bullets from the previous clip would be dropped.
Tactical Reloads are possible (one bullet stays in barrel if the weapon wasn't shot out)

> Changes for Desert Eagle (Falcon):
9 bullets per magazine, Autofire removed from Desert Eagle.
(You have to press the trigger for each shot.)

> Changes for AG36:
Increased range of fire for Grenadelauncher, 3.5x Scope

> Changes for OICW:
30 bullets in primary magazine, 6 grenades in grenademagazine,
6x Scope, Zoom in all firemodes possible (Rifle & Grenadelauncher)

> Changes for Rocketlauncher:
2x Scope, accelerated Rockets (Rockets reach a higher velocity)
removed crosshair in non scoped mode. 4 rockets per magazine for
Singleplayer and 1 rocket per magazine in Multiplayer 

> Changes for M249: 200 bullets per magazine, Firerate slightly increased,
new firingsound and tracereffects, recoil and accuracy tweaked
(its now harder to hit someone while standing or moveing).

> Changes for Sniperrifle:
Sniper bullettrail removed, Scope has now a red aimdot.
Better aiming while breathholding!

> Added crosshair to Binocular ( for exact range measurement )

> Pickups (Ammo, Weapons) were adapted to match for weapon magazine sizes.

> increased firingranges for all weapons.

> Enemy AI will recognize shots from further distance.

> Smoketrail from all types of grenades has been removed.

> Explosionradius for Handgrenade increased.

> increased firerate for mounted MiniGun.

> Slightly increased MP5 damage.

> Reduced health for 'The Big' Trigens.

> Headshots on humans and trigens should kill now MUCH faster.

> Tweaked the mutant rocketlauncher...
(slower firerates, runs out of ammo, has to reload)

> Accelerated Rockets! (looks great!!!)

> Enemy AI has now less resistance against explosions.
(including trigens => at least 2-3 Rockets should kill now the 'big' Trigens)

> New skins: Zodiac (military green), Glider and FN P90
(thanks to 'Protoberance' for P90, i improved it a bit)

> better weaponposition in aiming mode for some weapons...
(special thanks to 'Alptraum23' for the great idea and support)

-= I have expanded on an Added the following. =-

> All bullet trails/tracer fire removed.

> AI tweaks.. Still a little bit buggy but the desired effect is enemy Marines should have a harder time noticing you as you sneak up on them through the Jungle. However, if the enemy is aware of you, eg, you shot his buddy, then they "Shouldn't" just stand around and do nothing. They should actively hunt you do instead of crouching behind trees. If they do locate you, they should hopefully respond a bit more aggressively.

> All weapon Statisticts have been reviewed and changed. Each weapon now has more defined strengths and utility. This should make them far more usefull towards the end of the game.

> All damage has been increased by approximately 50%. In keeping with the theme of realism, targets should not eat stupid amounts of lead to drop them.

> Desert Eagle Damage increased significantly. Rate of Fire also increased at the expense of accuracy. Should make a good close range weapon.

> MP5's Fire rate increased.

> AG36 is now suppressed, however, not as effective as the MP5 Suppression.

> M4 increased damage but higher bullet deviation. Use it in controlled bursts!

> P90 increased damage over the MP5 but increased bullet deviation significantly. Great for cleaning rooms.

> Overall Rifle Ammo you're able to carry increased.

> Rifle Crouching/Prone accuracy increased slightly.

> Realistic Fire Range added on all weapons.

> Realistic Physics added. Goons will hit the dirt ALOT quicker once dead. Check out the Shotgun at point blank for a little fun. Sometime the physics get a -little- over the top, but it's all fun.

> All weapons have been resounded to to less 'cheesy' sounds.

Enjoy - Pitch.

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